July 06, 2012

Day 219 - Ice cream

Today's post is inspired by my favorite summer treat...ice cream!!! It's just so yummy and there is noting better than grabbing a cone on a nice sunny day. I will admit that I am not very exciting, 99% of the time I go with vanilla, it's boring but in my opinion super delicious! For the ice cream cones on my nails I went a little more adventurous, I painted a triple scoop of vanilla, strawberry and bubblegum.

For this design I wanted a nice creamy base so I chose this pastel yellow.  For this design I used Orly Instant Artist paints, I started  by painting the little brown triangles for the cones using Chocolate. next I painted the ice cream in Beige, Pastel Pink and Sky Blue. I outlined it all to make it pop against the base color. Finally to fill in the space I added polka-dots with Hot green, Hot Blue and Rose.

Polish: China Glaze Lemon Fizz

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