July 04, 2012

Day 217 - Star Spangled Nails

Happy fourth of July to our neighbors to the south!!! Hope you all had a wonderful day of festivities! For todays post I wanted to paint a version of the American flag, in my opinion it's one of the coolest flags, plus I had these stars which I have never used so I thought this would be the perfect oportunity.

This was very easy to do! I started with a white base and applied a coat of pearl over top. Then using my Fiery Red Instant Artist paint I painted vertical stripes over the nails. I free handed the stripes because I didn't want to wait for them to dry but you could definitely use tape for crisper lines. Next I painted a diagonal blue tip and added the silver stars and my design was complete! I think these turned out pretty good, even as a canadian I think I would wear these.


  1. I just came across your blog and could not stop looking back through all your posts! Your nail art is amazing, cannot wait to see more :)