July 03, 2012

Day 216 - Independence Day Abstract

Today's post is for my american followers, For Canada Day I did two posts so I thought I would be fair and do the same for 4th of July. For this design I went with something easier, I had a nail fatality today and had to paint this using my opposite hand.

I want to start by saying the blue I used is definitely my new favorite blue. I picked it up by accident when I was replacing my Splish Splash and it turned out to be a really pleasant surprise. Even though it is a darker shade it is still bright enough to be considered neon and best of all its packed with glitter, what more could I want? The design as mentioned before was painted using my left hand so I kept it pretty simple. I used three shades of Instant Artist paints,  Fiery Red, Crisp White and Platinum Glitter to paint random lines, some curved, some straight going in different directions. To add a little more glitz I went in with my tiny red sequins and added in a final line. The hardest part about this design was taking the picture, when I tried to pose my right hand in the usual position it kept going a little gimpy.

Above with flash, below without flash

Polish: China Glaze Blue Sparrow (Neon)

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