July 02, 2012

Day 215 - Lisa Frank

Today I was in a bright kinda mood, again I woke up to a grey and very wet day, so I decided to go full on neon and fun to make up for the crumby weather. While wasting some time on Pinterest I came across a picture of a Lisa Frank design and it made me think of my childhood. When I was a little kid I just loved picking out my new Lisa Frank folder and pencil sets for the new school year, her bright prints were always so cool.

I've posted the picture that inspired me below so you can see what I was trying to do. The background for this design was super fun. I started with an assortment of bright colors and applied them in a stippling method, overlapping them and kinda blending them together as I went. Next I chose a striping paint that was a couple shades darker to go with each polish color, with the nail art paints I added in little zig zag lines on top of the overlapped edges. I painted the lips that matched the picture on the ring and thumb, on the other three fingers I wasnt sure what to do so I just googled Lisa Frank and noticed that the rainbow hearts are in lots of the designs. The hearts did not turn out great in my opinion but I kept messing with them and finally decided that I was better off just leaving them. But other than that this design was definitely the fun I needed, plus it was a total blast from the past so I enjoyed doing it.

Polish: China Glaze Sunshine Pop, I'm With The Lifeguard, Beach Cruise-r, Papaya Punch, Pink Voltage, Purple Panic (neon) and Sky High Tops