June 13, 2012

Day 196 - Euro Cup Group B

Today is day three of my Euro Cup nails, I kinda feel as though its getting super repetitive by now but I cant leave anyone out. Only one more day and I'm back to fun posts again!

Today's post is the flags of Denmark, Portugal, Netherlands and Germany. The base for all four nails is the same red, China Glaze Salsa which worked perfectly for all the flags. The rest was pretty much painted using Instant Artist. The paints I used are crisp white, sunshine, true blue, fiery red and jet black. The only other color I used was the green from so easy, I don't love the polish based nail art paints but Orly has a horrible selection of green striping paint. These are pretty simple, Portugal was a little more challenging to paint than the other three but still not a design for me to get overly excited about.

Polish: China Glaze Salsa