June 03, 2012

Day 186 - Mickey Mouse & Friends

I love blogging on days where I do not work, It's very rare but when I do get a day off I am so excited to devote that time to my blog. Today I decided to tackle one off my to do list, I love everything Disney and I have just been dying to do this design for a while now.

For this design I decided to have the characters on each nail but overlapping onto the surrounding nails. This was definitely a challenge but I am really glad  I did it, and I am even happier that everything lined up in the end, because at one point I really did not think it would.  I painted the different characters using a combo of acrylic craft paint and Instant artist paints. The orange blue and green were very specific so I had to custom mix each of these colors to get a good match. The rest of it was painted using the nail art paints. The polish I used was from the Zoya Matte Mod collection, I do not love this color on its own, but I think it really works in this design. Since the polish was matte my plan was to finish of the design with a matte top coat, this was a bit of a disaster as it made the entire design look dull and muddy. After a couple coats of Seche Vite it was revived to its original state and all was good again. The extra coats of top coat did provide some extra challenges when it came to taking the picture, I was so afraid the polish was going to shift while the nails were touching. But everything stayed in place for the most part, only the odd little dent here and there. The only real complaint I have about this design is that I have to remove it within 24 hours, that kinda makes me sabecause I love it!.

Polish: Zoya Mitzi


  1. These are very well painted, great and fun nail art :)

  2. I cant believe you only have 39 (well 40 now) followers. your blog is amazing! you are so talented.

  3. Thanks guys!! And thank you for the follow! I have no idea why I don't get followers, it drives me crazy! any suggestion??

  4. OH I know, drives myself crazy as well. Humm.....I would say twitter, other than that just commenting on other peoples blogs and such

  5. Since you ask, here are som tips...
    What I did was to comment on a lot of blogs (no link spamming though), and slowly I got more and more...
    I think it's important to show that you also appreciate other people's blogs and care - show that you can both give & take, if you know what I mean.
    Furthermore to have a blog list and be on other bloggers lists is a good thing - I have chosen only to link to blogs that have one, preferably with my link on it and for certain if they are are frequent commentators :)
    I can tell you that I have planned a series of gust bloggers, and I'm going to ask you at come point because you deserve more followers :)

  6. Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out! I really appreciate all the great tips and I will get on it right away!

  7. I wish I could draw like that :) Amazing.