June 29, 2012

Day 212 - Cocktail Party

I know a lot of you are headed somewhere fabulous for the Canada Day long weekend. Me not so much, but even though I'm not off to some sunny destination, I decided I still wanted to kick off the weekend with a fun tropical design. To me nothing says vacation like a huge fruity cocktail in a fancy glass, I just love these tasty beverages so I decided to go with a cocktail Inspired mani.

I started with a colored french (which in my opinion I think the three colored french looks sick even without any nail art) I painted the base in a light turquoise and the tip in a teal colored polish. Next I painted in the cocktails with my jet black striping paint, for this design I decided to go with the outline first just to keep the lines as thin as possible. Using a combo of So Easy Stripe Right and Orly Instant Artist paints I filled in each cocktail, to create a glass look on the pinky, middle and thumb I just went over the outline with my platinum paint. To increase the fun a little bit more I wanted to add some of the fruit slices, after cutting each piece to the desired shape I attached one to each drink. At this point I was thinking the design was looking pretty good but It was still missing something, after staring at it for a few minutes I decided to add the purple line along the french. Which I think definitely did the trick, the purple added that extra punch of color to tie it all together.

Polish: China Glaze Kinetic Candy and Four leaf clover


  1. OH, so sweet, I get thirsty - well made:)

  2. Another favorite!!! These nails are awsome

  3. WOW! That looks so neat! love the theme :)