June 28, 2012

Day 211 - Hot Rod

Today is another simple design. I am doing airbrush tattoos at one of the high school's dry grad tonight and since I'll be pulling an all-nighter, I decided to go with a fun but quick design.

One thing about summer I love is that when the sun comes out so do all the nice cars. I barely have one car and believe me it's no gem, so I am just fascinated by the idea of having a fancy car to bring out here and there. This design is based on the flame paint job you see on so many of these cars. I went with a nice metallic turquoise and a royal blue flame, the flames were painted using True Blue Instant artist and outlined using Platinum. I think the color combo turned out pretty good, usually when I paint flames on nails it's the standard red, orange and yellow so this is a nice change

Polish: China Glaze Costom Kicks

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