June 27, 2012

Day 210 - 3D Monarch Butterflies

Today I decided to dig through my acrylic molds to find one that would work for a nice summer design, I found the butterfly mold which I have not posted yet and it was perfect!

For the base I started with a neutral pink sparkle, but I wanted to go with a metallic fade so I foiled the tip with an orangy-gold foil, then to blend it all together I gave it a coat of sparkles. To make the butterflies I filled the mold with black acrylic, once the butterflies were almost set I pressed the mold to the nail removing each butterfly. Next step was to turn them into monarchs, with my hot orange Instant artist paint I brushed some lines onto the wings, then using the Crisp White paint I painted three dots on the tips of each wings. My favorite finger is the ring, I can see a lot of my clients wearing that on just one finger. I like this mold because the 3D is very subtle and functional, some of the molds can be a little extreme for most people's lifestyles.


Polish: China Glaze Sex On The Beach & OPI Teenage Dream

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