June 25, 2012

Day 207 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Like most women out there my life has been taken over by the Fifty Shades books,  I am just flying through them. But what I love most about the books is the huge spectrum of women reading them, even some of my more conservative clients are participating in conversation around the salon about topics that are completely taboo.

If you have read the books the design does not need much explaining, but if you haven't the three fingers that are painted in the dark grey are based on the covers of the books. On the thumb I painted Laters, Baby it's a cute saying from the book. Next was the middle finger, I had to add something a little kinky so I painted it red for the "playroom" and added a door. The four nail art paints I used for this design is Instant Artist Jet Black, Crisp White, Platinum and Platinum Glitter. These nails were tons of fun to do and I know they will be a big hit with some of my clients

Polish: China Glaze Attraction, Millenium and Drastic


  1. very cute!! Love these books :)

  2. Love these!

    I'm part way through book two.

  3. Wow... you must be a very patient person.. but your nails look incredible!!! :D

  4. is cute!!!! good job girl :) I love you Grey ;)