June 25, 2012

Day 206 - Vancouver Jazz Fest

Until the end of the month Vancouver is celebrating the International Jazz Festival, so I decided that for todays post I would paint an assortment of jazz instruments.

For this design I chose this rich plum color, it's one of my favorite China Glaze polishes. On top of the purple base I painted the lines for the musical notes, I started with black and painted a coat of gold on top. Next I painted all the instruments using Color Club Bronze, Instant Artist Chocolate, Solid Gold, Jet Black and Crisp White. I wanted to keep the instruments pretty monochromatic, because I like the look of the purple and golds together. On the ring finger I painted part of the logo for the event. Due to lack of space I did have to leave out the writing that surrounded the logo. To finish off the design I painted the music notes using Sky Blue Instant Artist to add a little pop of color.

Polish: China Glaze Stella


  1. love how it turns out! the colors you choose go very well with each other <3