June 20, 2012

Day 203 - Summer BBQ

Happy first day of Summer everyone!! And we actually had a nice sunny day to kick it off believe it or not, hopefully that is a sign of things to come! For today's post, I wanted to go full blown Summer, and when I think of summer I think BBQ (my BBQs consist of tofu dogs and grilled veg but they still count!) I just love firing up the grill on a nice sunny day. Problem was, when I opened up my BBQ a little bee's nest fell out, I instantly ran and that was the end of that plan. So instead I decided to go with the BBQ on my nails, which is much safer!

This design was painted with Instant artist paints, I would list them off but I used almost the entire collection. For this design I was not planning on doing any outlining, just painting the pictures and adding some shading. But in the end I found some of the detail got lost with so many different bright colors. I'm glad I changed my mind because it really brought everything to life, and while I was outlining I got the last minute earge to add in the little ant, which I just love! This design was just what I needed to kick off Summer, even though dinner turned out to be a disappointment, I am beyond delighted with the nails!

Polish: China Glaze Gaga For Green


  1. This is fantastic, well done - it makes me hungry LOL

  2. woah this is like the coolest thing ever! very detailed, makes me wanna have some bbq ;)


  3. These are awesome Jessica! I can almost smell the hot dogs cooking! Yum.

  4. Thanks guys for all the blog love! It makes me happy you like my design :)