June 21, 2012

Day 204 - Cancer

I cant believe how quickly the months fly by. Another zodiac sign has already passed and we are now starting Cancer. I always get excited when a new Zodiac sign is coming up. I find them so much fun to do, plus every day that I can plan ahead of time makes my life so much easier. This far in the biggest challenge is coming up with a good idea every day.

Cancer is a water sign so I wanted to go with a nice ocean colored blue, for the base I layered two different polishes, one dark and the other shimmery to get the effect I was looking for.  Once the base was dry I painted in the lettering using Color Club Bronze striping paint, I just love this coppery gold polish and I think it looks great with the other colors. The rest of the design I used Instant Artist paints in Crisp White, Jet Black and Fiery Red. The Character for Cancer is the crab, which I must say was a lot easier to paint than some of the signs. but what I like most about this design is the color, after staring at it for so long, the bronze, blue and white reminds me of a beach with the water coming in, which is actaully perfect for this design!

Polish: China Glaze First Mate with Blue Iguana on top

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