June 18, 2012

Day 201 - Italia

I know I've already done a bunch of Euro nails and it's probably getting boring but today's post is for my Husband. Italy is his team and I wasn't sure if they were going to make it through to the next round so I decided to paint this design today just in case. I did have some doubts but Italy pulled through and won, so all is good in my household. And even though I'm not a huge soccer fan I love my nails, This designed turned out much better than I originally imagined it.!

For the polish I went with Splish Splash. I have used this color a lot of over the last month but it's the perfect Azzurri blue so I went with it again. The design was painted mostly with Instant Artists, with the exception of the gold and green where I used plain acrylic paint. I have mentioned my issues with Orly's green selection in the past and the gold paint just goes on a little translucent, which is disappointing because the silver is so awesome. The paints used for this one are: Jet Black, True Blue, Crisp White and Fiery Red.


  1. Everything is drawn so well and you've done the stars perfectly - they look great!