June 17, 2012

Day 200 - Father's Day

Wow already 200 designs, I can believe how time has flown by!  I hope everyone had a great day with their dad's today!After having a huge feast with the family I was glad I had planned an easy design for tonight.  I knew I was going to do this design for father's day ever since Zoey Deschanel wore the tuxedo nails at the Golden Globes. As soon as I saw them I thought instead of bow ties I would paint collars with ties.

This design is really easy, and the possibilities for the ties are endless. I was planning on painting them all different, but changed my mind after painting the first nail. I just loved the combo of the blue, silver and black stripes. To paint the design I started with a white base and then using a black striping paint I painted a V in both corners of each nail for the collars. Next I painted the ties using Sky blue instant artist, with my platinum paint I painted 3 diagonal lines across the main part of each tie and one line in the opposite direction on the knot part. To finish the design I outlined each tie with black and added an additional horizontal black line inside the silver. I think these turned out pretty cute and they gave me inspiration for a future design so stay tuned, you may see another twist on this soon.

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