June 15, 2012

Day 198 - Music Notes

My girlfriend came into salon with the idea of music notes and pianos over a french manicure, This design is so simple but I love it!

Since this was done on natural nails and I wanted it to last, I started with a Gelish french manicure. I find hand painted designs always last the full three weeks under the top gloss. Once the second coat of white was cured, I wiped it with cleanser to remove the slippery layer and then proceeded with the design. Using my platinum Instant Artist paint, I painted three silver lines across the pinky, middle and index fingers, on the other two fingers I just painted a single line below the french. For the music notes, I painted a variety of different notes using Jet Black. Using the same paint I painted the piano. This was really easy, All I did was paint evenly spaced vertical lines across the nail and then painted in a little rectangle on the upper left side of each line. To finish it off, I gave it a coat of top it off top gloss.

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