June 14, 2012

Day 197 - Euro Cup Group C

Today is the last post of my four days of Euro nails. This one is probably my least favorite. Sorry! I would have liked to have finished with something spectacular, but unfortunately not the case. For some reason I ended up painting the Croatia's and Spain's flags pointing in opposite directions, I think that is why I do not particularly like this design. These things really bug me!

This design was pretty easy for color, again I went with Salsa for three out of four nails, the fourth; Ireland got Style Wars as the base color. I used my usual combo of nail art paints to finish the flags. Croatia and Spain were definitely the most challenging out of the sixteen teams, Croatia has the red and white checkered print and then Spain has a very detailed logo, which I did not paint exactly, I just painted a minimal version of it instead. Ireland and Italy are of course super easy, just a line of white then a line of green and it's done. I did enjoy painting all the different flags, but for those of you not into soccer thanks for barring through it, I'm promise no soccer related designs for the next few days.

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