June 11, 2012

Day 194- Euro Cup Group D

I am excited to get four days of easy designs for the Euro Cup. From today until Thursday I will be posting a design with the teams that are playing that days flags

I painted my thumb with the logo for the Euro Cup, This will remain the same for all the posts. Today's flags are France, England, Ukraine and Sweden all super easy flags. It's Great that the groups kinda color coordinate too, I was able to paint 3/4 of the nails with the same blue base color, England was painted white. The Ukrainian flag was completed with Sunshine Pop and the red in France is Salsa, but other than that the rest of it is Instant Artist. Again super easy, not much to explain. In the next week or two I will post a design specifically done for my favorite teams (England & Italy) I promise they will have much more detail.

Polish: China Glaze  Grape Pop, Splish Splash, White on White, Sunshine Pop and Salsa


  1. I was actually thinking of doing that! This looks great!


  2. LOL, this is super nice and funny, I love it!