June 09, 2012

Day 192 - Loves a Beach

Yayyy, the sun has returned! I was so happy to look out the salon window this afternoon and see that the rain has finally given us a day off to play. To celebrate the sun I wanted to do this cute sunset mani. I am obsessed with the new China Glaze Summer Neon Collection and I thought this super bright design would look good on my short nails.

This design is really easy! I'll break it down step by step. First I painted the entire nail in the bright pink polish called Loves A Beach, the name suited the design perfectly! Then using Splish Splash I painted a blue tip covering 1/3 of the nail. The rest of the design was done using Instant Artist paints, with Hot Yellow I painted the sun as a half circle along the horizon line and then added a couple little yellow lines to look like reflection in the water. Next I painted the middle section using Solid gold, with horizontal brush strokes I blended the color up from the water to make the sunset. Last step I used Jet Black, the palm trees were done with one upward flick with four downward curved branches coming of it, I then painted little linesthat progressively got smaller, coming down off each branch to add more detail. I finished this design with two birds flying over the sun. I really enjoy these nails, I might have to paint my toes to match.

This one needed two photo's since the flash shows off the color a little better (below)

Polish: China Glaze Loves a Beach, Splish Splash

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