June 05, 2012

Day 188 - Starry Night

For today's post I wanted to recreate Van Gogh's Starry Night. I have always loved art and I get so much inspiration from the masterpieces.

Even though this design seems to have a lot going on, I found it easy because the lines did not have to be crisp and so exact. When I am coping a picture onto my nails I find it easier if I break down the photo into sections. I found the actual picture of Starry Night (pictured below) on google images and opened it in paint where I drew three vertical lines cutting the picture into quarters. That way I could paint each nail based on the section of the photo, which helps me keep the proportions right. This painting is made up of tons of tiny little brush strokes, So I just painted in the basic shapes and then added more and more colors, layering and building up each detail

Polish: The base color is completely covered so here is the list of Orly Instant Artist paints I used: Jet Black, Hot Blue, Crisp White, Hot Yellow, True Blue, Sky Blue  and Yellow submarine


  1. Wow. You are so talented. I love it. Great job!

  2. So creative. Looks so nice. I also want to take the opportunity to let you know that I am doing a small Barry m giveaway on my blog. If you want check it out.

  3. Amazing! You are so talented and we loved that you used our product!

  4. i love this so much! you're very talented :)