June 04, 2012

Day 187 - Rainy Day Nails

One of the downsides of living in this beautiful city is definitely the weather. The last couple weeks we've gotten the odd little tease of sun but other than that, its been nothing but grey sky. I am just dying to hit a patio or go for a nice bike ride but instead I'm bundled up at home with with some soup and the heater on max, not my perfect image of Spring that's for sure. But today I figured I could at least get a cute nail design from it, because its not going anywhere.

This post is really simple but also really fun! For the base I went with a polish from the magnetix collection, I just didn't use the magnet. Using my Instant Artist paints I painted in the clouds using platinum, the clouds were pretty much a bunch of overlapped dots, I have used a dotting tool for this but today I just free handed it. The umbrella was painted in grape, but I found it a little too dark so I added in the silver highlight. After everything was out lined I gave it all a coat of fast forward top coat and added the crystals. To make them look like rain drops falling from the clouds,  I added in the three little dots coming of each crystal and I added a few other random ones here and there to fill up the open spaces.
Polish: China Glaze Pull Me Close and Zoya Snowsicle


  1. hey I just come across ur blog and I really love it, have to subscribe =)
    your NA is really good, I need to improve a lot when I look at your work!