June 01, 2012

Day 184 - National Donut Day

I got home super late tonight and I contemplated just using an old design from my phone and calling it a night, but today is National Donut Day and I just could not resist painting a Homer Simpson  donut design to celebrate.

Since I was painting this design so late I really had no patience for custom mixing. Most of this design was painted using my Instant Artist paints, which for the most part the colors were bang on. The donut itself and the icing were the only colors that needed adjusting, to fix the colors, I went over the brown and pink part of the donut with some shimmery color club striping paints to make it a better match . For this design I painted the shape using the color first and then outlined after, there was the exception of the words and sprinkles which I painted the outline first and went over with the color, I find that a bit easier for finer detail. These nails are really fun and I am definitely glad I stayed up the extra hour to finish them.

Polish: China Glaze Custom Kicks