June 30, 2012

Day 213 - Canada Day #1

Today I'm posting my Canada Day nails. I wanted to go with a sparkly design in white, black and red to match my Team Canada hockey t-shirt that I will be wearing tomorrow.

I started with a pearl polish, then using a makeup sponge with the edge torn off, I sponged a black paint over the top left corner of each nail. For the sparkles I used a combo of polish and loose nail sequins. First I painted a coat of Love, Marilyn over the sponged tip and then I pressed the tiny red seguins into the polish. The final step was to paint the maple leafs (which I hate doing) I painted the outline first and then filled it in with red. The two paints I used were Instant Artist Jet Black and Fiery Red. I think these look pretty cute for the day but I am not going to lie, the maple leafs are not great. The thumb turned out perfect and then I kinda struggled with the rest. We have such a simple flag but it's a pain to do!

Polish: China Glaze Alpine Snow and Love, Marilyn

June 29, 2012

Day 212 - Cocktail Party

I know a lot of you are headed somewhere fabulous for the Canada Day long weekend. Me not so much, but even though I'm not off to some sunny destination, I decided I still wanted to kick off the weekend with a fun tropical design. To me nothing says vacation like a huge fruity cocktail in a fancy glass, I just love these tasty beverages so I decided to go with a cocktail Inspired mani.

I started with a colored french (which in my opinion I think the three colored french looks sick even without any nail art) I painted the base in a light turquoise and the tip in a teal colored polish. Next I painted in the cocktails with my jet black striping paint, for this design I decided to go with the outline first just to keep the lines as thin as possible. Using a combo of So Easy Stripe Right and Orly Instant Artist paints I filled in each cocktail, to create a glass look on the pinky, middle and thumb I just went over the outline with my platinum paint. To increase the fun a little bit more I wanted to add some of the fruit slices, after cutting each piece to the desired shape I attached one to each drink. At this point I was thinking the design was looking pretty good but It was still missing something, after staring at it for a few minutes I decided to add the purple line along the french. Which I think definitely did the trick, the purple added that extra punch of color to tie it all together.

Polish: China Glaze Kinetic Candy and Four leaf clover

June 28, 2012

Day 211 - Hot Rod

Today is another simple design. I am doing airbrush tattoos at one of the high school's dry grad tonight and since I'll be pulling an all-nighter, I decided to go with a fun but quick design.

One thing about summer I love is that when the sun comes out so do all the nice cars. I barely have one car and believe me it's no gem, so I am just fascinated by the idea of having a fancy car to bring out here and there. This design is based on the flame paint job you see on so many of these cars. I went with a nice metallic turquoise and a royal blue flame, the flames were painted using True Blue Instant artist and outlined using Platinum. I think the color combo turned out pretty good, usually when I paint flames on nails it's the standard red, orange and yellow so this is a nice change

Polish: China Glaze Costom Kicks

June 27, 2012

Day 210 - 3D Monarch Butterflies

Today I decided to dig through my acrylic molds to find one that would work for a nice summer design, I found the butterfly mold which I have not posted yet and it was perfect!

For the base I started with a neutral pink sparkle, but I wanted to go with a metallic fade so I foiled the tip with an orangy-gold foil, then to blend it all together I gave it a coat of sparkles. To make the butterflies I filled the mold with black acrylic, once the butterflies were almost set I pressed the mold to the nail removing each butterfly. Next step was to turn them into monarchs, with my hot orange Instant artist paint I brushed some lines onto the wings, then using the Crisp White paint I painted three dots on the tips of each wings. My favorite finger is the ring, I can see a lot of my clients wearing that on just one finger. I like this mold because the 3D is very subtle and functional, some of the molds can be a little extreme for most people's lifestyles.


Polish: China Glaze Sex On The Beach & OPI Teenage Dream

June 26, 2012

Day 209 - Hawaiian Leis

Here is round two for today, Like I said in my last post I'm keeping it pretty simple because of the double post. This design was inspired by my dress I wore today, I wanted to do a frech of hawaiian leis to match the colors in my dress.

I started with one of my favorite neons over the tip and added a coat of glitter to add some fun. With my Grape Instant Artist paint I painted continuous purple flowers along the smile line of every nail . Next I outlined the flowers using my Jet Black Instant Artist paint. To add some detail to the flower I painted a line of Hot Magenta So Easy Stripe Rite paint inside each petal, with the Hot Blue paint from the same collection I added a dot to the bottom of each of these lines. to finish the flowers I added a tiny dot of Sky Blue Instant Artist to the middle of each flower.

Polish: China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

Day 208 - Black Tie

Today I have to post twice to make up for my lack of blogging on the weekend, so I am posting two simpler designs. Even though this design is really easy it still makes a big statement. If you loyally read my blog you will know that I am obsessed with 3D nail art and I love sparkly things, so when I saw these crystal covered bows I just had to pick them up.

This french took a few extra coats to complete. I started with a nice glossy french base color and then I painted one coat of the matte black polish over the tip. Next step was to paint a line using my Instant Artist Jet Black along the smile line. For this design I wanted the tip matte but the rest of the nail glossy so I painted one coat of Seche Vite top coat over the entire nail, to get a matte tip I painted a second coat of the matte black and then painted a single coat of Orly matte top coat over the tip only. By having the black line shiney, once the bows were glued on it looked as though the black line ran through the bow. I am really happy with this design, I think they look super classy and they make me wish I had some fancy gala or ball to go to. 

Polish: Zoya Dovima (Matte)

June 25, 2012

Day 207 - Fifty Shades of Grey

Like most women out there my life has been taken over by the Fifty Shades books,  I am just flying through them. But what I love most about the books is the huge spectrum of women reading them, even some of my more conservative clients are participating in conversation around the salon about topics that are completely taboo.

If you have read the books the design does not need much explaining, but if you haven't the three fingers that are painted in the dark grey are based on the covers of the books. On the thumb I painted Laters, Baby it's a cute saying from the book. Next was the middle finger, I had to add something a little kinky so I painted it red for the "playroom" and added a door. The four nail art paints I used for this design is Instant Artist Jet Black, Crisp White, Platinum and Platinum Glitter. These nails were tons of fun to do and I know they will be a big hit with some of my clients

Polish: China Glaze Attraction, Millenium and Drastic

Day 206 - Vancouver Jazz Fest

Until the end of the month Vancouver is celebrating the International Jazz Festival, so I decided that for todays post I would paint an assortment of jazz instruments.

For this design I chose this rich plum color, it's one of my favorite China Glaze polishes. On top of the purple base I painted the lines for the musical notes, I started with black and painted a coat of gold on top. Next I painted all the instruments using Color Club Bronze, Instant Artist Chocolate, Solid Gold, Jet Black and Crisp White. I wanted to keep the instruments pretty monochromatic, because I like the look of the purple and golds together. On the ring finger I painted part of the logo for the event. Due to lack of space I did have to leave out the writing that surrounded the logo. To finish off the design I painted the music notes using Sky Blue Instant Artist to add a little pop of color.

Polish: China Glaze Stella

Day 205 - Swarovski Blooms

I have to start by saying sorry to all the people who check my blog on a daily basis, I have noot posted the last two days and I very sorry!! My acrylics were completely busted and I did not have time to fix them. To make up for the missing days I will post two designs monday and tuesday.

My post for today is a fun sparkly design I did to go with the outfit I was wearing. This one was really easy, but I love the look of it! I started with a dark blue diagonal french and applied a coat of another blue polish with glitter to add some sparkle. Next I made the flowers by applying a large turqoise swarovski crystal surrounded by three purple almond shaped crystals. Super simple!                          

Polish: China Glaze First Mate and Skyscraper

June 21, 2012

Day 204 - Cancer

I cant believe how quickly the months fly by. Another zodiac sign has already passed and we are now starting Cancer. I always get excited when a new Zodiac sign is coming up. I find them so much fun to do, plus every day that I can plan ahead of time makes my life so much easier. This far in the biggest challenge is coming up with a good idea every day.

Cancer is a water sign so I wanted to go with a nice ocean colored blue, for the base I layered two different polishes, one dark and the other shimmery to get the effect I was looking for.  Once the base was dry I painted in the lettering using Color Club Bronze striping paint, I just love this coppery gold polish and I think it looks great with the other colors. The rest of the design I used Instant Artist paints in Crisp White, Jet Black and Fiery Red. The Character for Cancer is the crab, which I must say was a lot easier to paint than some of the signs. but what I like most about this design is the color, after staring at it for so long, the bronze, blue and white reminds me of a beach with the water coming in, which is actaully perfect for this design!

Polish: China Glaze First Mate with Blue Iguana on top

June 20, 2012

Day 203 - Summer BBQ

Happy first day of Summer everyone!! And we actually had a nice sunny day to kick it off believe it or not, hopefully that is a sign of things to come! For today's post, I wanted to go full blown Summer, and when I think of summer I think BBQ (my BBQs consist of tofu dogs and grilled veg but they still count!) I just love firing up the grill on a nice sunny day. Problem was, when I opened up my BBQ a little bee's nest fell out, I instantly ran and that was the end of that plan. So instead I decided to go with the BBQ on my nails, which is much safer!

This design was painted with Instant artist paints, I would list them off but I used almost the entire collection. For this design I was not planning on doing any outlining, just painting the pictures and adding some shading. But in the end I found some of the detail got lost with so many different bright colors. I'm glad I changed my mind because it really brought everything to life, and while I was outlining I got the last minute earge to add in the little ant, which I just love! This design was just what I needed to kick off Summer, even though dinner turned out to be a disappointment, I am beyond delighted with the nails!

Polish: China Glaze Gaga For Green

June 19, 2012

Day 202 - Party Nails

Tonight I was posting super late and had major nail art block, so I decided to go on instagram for some inspiration. I came across Robin Moses' Abstract foil and stones design which I thought was completely awesome, so I checked out her tutorial on youtube and gave it a go.  For those of you who don't know about Robin Moses you must watch her videos, she is the one person that inspired me to take my hand painted nail art to the next level just from watching her tutorials and painting along.

Here is the tutorial for the design that inspired me today..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkkjBj0DLPg check it out because she explains it the best. If you haven't used foil before believe me its not as easy as she makes it! I found it very tricky to use even following the directions. In Robin's design she did the one nail, but to make it my own I decided to do them all. The other change I made was that I went with a thicker outline around the nail, I got that inspiration from Top Coat It (You can also check her out under my favorite blogs located on the side bar) She's been rockin the outlined nail look in a few of her blog posts lately and I just love the look! Even though the design is not my idea, I love getting the chance to do designs in homage to the people that inspire me the most.

June 18, 2012

Day 201 - Italia

I know I've already done a bunch of Euro nails and it's probably getting boring but today's post is for my Husband. Italy is his team and I wasn't sure if they were going to make it through to the next round so I decided to paint this design today just in case. I did have some doubts but Italy pulled through and won, so all is good in my household. And even though I'm not a huge soccer fan I love my nails, This designed turned out much better than I originally imagined it.!

For the polish I went with Splish Splash. I have used this color a lot of over the last month but it's the perfect Azzurri blue so I went with it again. The design was painted mostly with Instant Artists, with the exception of the gold and green where I used plain acrylic paint. I have mentioned my issues with Orly's green selection in the past and the gold paint just goes on a little translucent, which is disappointing because the silver is so awesome. The paints used for this one are: Jet Black, True Blue, Crisp White and Fiery Red.

June 17, 2012

Day 200 - Father's Day

Wow already 200 designs, I can believe how time has flown by!  I hope everyone had a great day with their dad's today!After having a huge feast with the family I was glad I had planned an easy design for tonight.  I knew I was going to do this design for father's day ever since Zoey Deschanel wore the tuxedo nails at the Golden Globes. As soon as I saw them I thought instead of bow ties I would paint collars with ties.

This design is really easy, and the possibilities for the ties are endless. I was planning on painting them all different, but changed my mind after painting the first nail. I just loved the combo of the blue, silver and black stripes. To paint the design I started with a white base and then using a black striping paint I painted a V in both corners of each nail for the collars. Next I painted the ties using Sky blue instant artist, with my platinum paint I painted 3 diagonal lines across the main part of each tie and one line in the opposite direction on the knot part. To finish the design I outlined each tie with black and added an additional horizontal black line inside the silver. I think these turned out pretty cute and they gave me inspiration for a future design so stay tuned, you may see another twist on this soon.

June 16, 2012

Day 199 - Marilyn Monroe

I have been going through withdrawal from my true blood nails and needed a design that made me equally happy. So for today's design I went with a Marilyn Monroe water slide decal design. I just love anything Marilyn Monroe and since there are so many awesome black and white prints of her, I just knew I would love these nails.

This is one of those designs where it looks amazing in person but kinda looses it detail in the photo, but I hope you get the idea. I went with a super metallic silver as the base, I think that's what threw off the camera. For this water slide design, I decided to go with full nail coverage, this is definitely more difficult than cutting around the picture. Once the decals were made (see day 193 for directions) I cut out each picture in the shape of my nail, after applying the decal I used a small nail scissor to trim the excess parts of the decal off. I then applied a coat of fast forward top coat and used an orange wood stick to smooth down the edges. To finish it off I applied a second coat of top coat. These nails definitely did not dissapoint me, they were just what I needed.

Polish: China Glaze Millennium

June 15, 2012

Day 198 - Pandas

I have received a few requests for Panda's over the year, I am no too sure why I put off painting these adorable creatures, I love Pandas! and they are actually one of the easier animals to paint, I am quite happy with this one!
I started with a sky blue polish for the base, it's Bahamian escape by China Glaze.The design was painted using my instant artist paints in Hot Green, Leafy Green, Jet Black and Crisp White

Day 198 - Music Notes

My girlfriend came into salon with the idea of music notes and pianos over a french manicure, This design is so simple but I love it!

Since this was done on natural nails and I wanted it to last, I started with a Gelish french manicure. I find hand painted designs always last the full three weeks under the top gloss. Once the second coat of white was cured, I wiped it with cleanser to remove the slippery layer and then proceeded with the design. Using my platinum Instant Artist paint, I painted three silver lines across the pinky, middle and index fingers, on the other two fingers I just painted a single line below the french. For the music notes, I painted a variety of different notes using Jet Black. Using the same paint I painted the piano. This was really easy, All I did was paint evenly spaced vertical lines across the nail and then painted in a little rectangle on the upper left side of each line. To finish it off, I gave it a coat of top it off top gloss.

June 14, 2012

Day 197 - Euro Cup Group C

Today is the last post of my four days of Euro nails. This one is probably my least favorite. Sorry! I would have liked to have finished with something spectacular, but unfortunately not the case. For some reason I ended up painting the Croatia's and Spain's flags pointing in opposite directions, I think that is why I do not particularly like this design. These things really bug me!

This design was pretty easy for color, again I went with Salsa for three out of four nails, the fourth; Ireland got Style Wars as the base color. I used my usual combo of nail art paints to finish the flags. Croatia and Spain were definitely the most challenging out of the sixteen teams, Croatia has the red and white checkered print and then Spain has a very detailed logo, which I did not paint exactly, I just painted a minimal version of it instead. Ireland and Italy are of course super easy, just a line of white then a line of green and it's done. I did enjoy painting all the different flags, but for those of you not into soccer thanks for barring through it, I'm promise no soccer related designs for the next few days.

June 13, 2012

Day 196 - Euro Cup Group B

Today is day three of my Euro Cup nails, I kinda feel as though its getting super repetitive by now but I cant leave anyone out. Only one more day and I'm back to fun posts again!

Today's post is the flags of Denmark, Portugal, Netherlands and Germany. The base for all four nails is the same red, China Glaze Salsa which worked perfectly for all the flags. The rest was pretty much painted using Instant Artist. The paints I used are crisp white, sunshine, true blue, fiery red and jet black. The only other color I used was the green from so easy, I don't love the polish based nail art paints but Orly has a horrible selection of green striping paint. These are pretty simple, Portugal was a little more challenging to paint than the other three but still not a design for me to get overly excited about.

Polish: China Glaze Salsa

June 12, 2012

Day 195 - Euro Cup Group A

Here is Day #2 of my Euro Cup Nails. This one is another easy one! The countries that played today were Greece, Czech Republic, Poland and Russia. For the most part these are all really easy flags.

Again I am glad that the group is nicely color coordinated. I was able to paint all the nails with same white polish. The rest of the design was painted using just two nail art paints, Orly Instant Artist True Blue and Fiery Red. These flags are really basic, there is not much to say. Greece was the only flag that actually had some kind of difficulty to as I had to paint several lines all the same thickness across the nail, but other than that super easy!

June 11, 2012

Day 194- Euro Cup Group D

I am excited to get four days of easy designs for the Euro Cup. From today until Thursday I will be posting a design with the teams that are playing that days flags

I painted my thumb with the logo for the Euro Cup, This will remain the same for all the posts. Today's flags are France, England, Ukraine and Sweden all super easy flags. It's Great that the groups kinda color coordinate too, I was able to paint 3/4 of the nails with the same blue base color, England was painted white. The Ukrainian flag was completed with Sunshine Pop and the red in France is Salsa, but other than that the rest of it is Instant Artist. Again super easy, not much to explain. In the next week or two I will post a design specifically done for my favorite teams (England & Italy) I promise they will have much more detail.

Polish: China Glaze  Grape Pop, Splish Splash, White on White, Sunshine Pop and Salsa

June 10, 2012

Day 193 - True Blood

True Blood and Eric Northman are back in my life, so all is good in my world again! It's been a painful wait but I'm so happy that my favorite show has started again. For those of you who don't watch True Blood, you are seriously missing out!! It took me a couple seasons before I became completely hooked and now I cannot get enough of it. I even started reading the books last month to tie me over and I'm already on book 7. So of course for the season premier I just had to do a True Blood Design.

These were done using water slide decals, I have recently discovered this method and love it! I get the special paper from my local hobby shop, it's meant to be used on model cars but works wonderfully as nail decals. This technique is both super easy and very challenging at the same time. Applying the decal is really easy, it's the same as any water slide decal you would buy at the store. All you do is drop it in water, slide the backing off and stick it to the nail ( I prefer semi dry polish)The challenging part is making the decal. Once I finally find the pictures I want to use, I have to save them to my computer, crop and re size them. Making the picture actually fit on the nail can be a real pain in the butt, but if you are willing to put in the time and effort anyone can make awesome nail decals. Even the most novice nail artist. The paper comes in clear or white, for this design I used clear since the polish was white. If you are applying to a dark color definitely use white.  I love these nails!!! the only thing that could make me happier is if I had put a picture of Eric on all the fingers, lol!! And the best part is I had pre blogged Euro cup nails for the next four days so I get to wear these until Thursday.

June 09, 2012

Day 192 - Loves a Beach

Yayyy, the sun has returned! I was so happy to look out the salon window this afternoon and see that the rain has finally given us a day off to play. To celebrate the sun I wanted to do this cute sunset mani. I am obsessed with the new China Glaze Summer Neon Collection and I thought this super bright design would look good on my short nails.

This design is really easy! I'll break it down step by step. First I painted the entire nail in the bright pink polish called Loves A Beach, the name suited the design perfectly! Then using Splish Splash I painted a blue tip covering 1/3 of the nail. The rest of the design was done using Instant Artist paints, with Hot Yellow I painted the sun as a half circle along the horizon line and then added a couple little yellow lines to look like reflection in the water. Next I painted the middle section using Solid gold, with horizontal brush strokes I blended the color up from the water to make the sunset. Last step I used Jet Black, the palm trees were done with one upward flick with four downward curved branches coming of it, I then painted little linesthat progressively got smaller, coming down off each branch to add more detail. I finished this design with two birds flying over the sun. I really enjoy these nails, I might have to paint my toes to match.

This one needed two photo's since the flash shows off the color a little better (below)

Polish: China Glaze Loves a Beach, Splish Splash

June 08, 2012

Day 191 - World Oceans Day - Nemo

Today is World Oceans Day, a day where we can celebrate all the wonderful things the ocean provides us. This day must also reminds us of all the environmental challenges that effect our oceans, such as pollution and over-consumption of fish. As a vegetarian, I am always asked if I still eat fish, and to be honest eating fish is the meat I am most against. I find so many people lean towards seafood today as a healthier option, but quickly they forget the long term damage it is doing to our planet. Ocean conservation is something I am truly passionate about and I ask you watch the short video I have attached to the bottom of this post. Sometimes I use this blog to push a good cause, it's not very often I do this, but I think its important to spread these messages.

To bring attention to this important cause, I thought what would be better than some Finding Nemo nails! It's one of my favorite animated movies and really sea life cannot look any cuter. I hope you like them, this one took a little more effort than most posts. These guys were painted with so many different paints, I used the usual Instant Artist paints, random nail art paints and some acrylic craft paint, I even mixed a bunch of them together for some of the colors. This design was just a bunch of layering. I started with the darker tones and added highlights and detail as I went.

This one was definitely a challenge, but I love it!!


June 07, 2012

Day 190 - Sanrio

This is exactly what I needed! The weather today was so grey and miserable, I really wanted to do a design that was bright and really fun. And what is cuter than the Sanrio characters?

I went with my Five favorite Characters: Hello Kitty (of coarse!) Kerropi, Pochacco, Badtz-Maru and Pippo. I painted these using Instant Artist paints, I got lucky all the colors were bang on with the exception of Kerropi, he was painted with Zoya Mitzi. For this design I painted all the characters first and then outlined them at the end. Once all the characters were painted I found the base color needed something to tone it down a bit, so I added individual little opal glitter dots randomly over the nail. I had lots of fun painting these nails and I would be disappointed to take it off if I didn't have an even better design in line up for tomorrow.


Polish: China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

June 06, 2012

Day 189 - More 3D Flowers

Today I was really wanting some 3D nail art. In my life before the blog I always wore 3D nail art. I love the look of it, It's so easy to do and yet it makes a big statement.

I wish I could say I had mad skills when it comes to free hand sculpting acrylic nail art, but I am definitely still a beginner in that department. When I do 3D, 99% of the time it is created from a mold, which in my opinion is the greatest thing in the nail industry. All you do is press some acrylic into the silicone mold, wait for it to be semi dry and press it on to the nail and ta da, you have fabulous nails! I had used the mold in a previous post (day 140) so I wanted to make it a little different. Using a teal striping paint from color club I added in a bit of color to the base of each nail and then finished it off each flower with some glitter (China Glaze White Cap) and a crystal. The design needed a little bit more, so I added in the teal swirls and little white dots. These nails are definitely fun, this is a design I would have definitely worn for a few weeks.

Polish: China Glaze Beach Cruise-R

June 05, 2012

Day 188 - Starry Night

For today's post I wanted to recreate Van Gogh's Starry Night. I have always loved art and I get so much inspiration from the masterpieces.

Even though this design seems to have a lot going on, I found it easy because the lines did not have to be crisp and so exact. When I am coping a picture onto my nails I find it easier if I break down the photo into sections. I found the actual picture of Starry Night (pictured below) on google images and opened it in paint where I drew three vertical lines cutting the picture into quarters. That way I could paint each nail based on the section of the photo, which helps me keep the proportions right. This painting is made up of tons of tiny little brush strokes, So I just painted in the basic shapes and then added more and more colors, layering and building up each detail

Polish: The base color is completely covered so here is the list of Orly Instant Artist paints I used: Jet Black, Hot Blue, Crisp White, Hot Yellow, True Blue, Sky Blue  and Yellow submarine

June 04, 2012

Day 187 - Rainy Day Nails

One of the downsides of living in this beautiful city is definitely the weather. The last couple weeks we've gotten the odd little tease of sun but other than that, its been nothing but grey sky. I am just dying to hit a patio or go for a nice bike ride but instead I'm bundled up at home with with some soup and the heater on max, not my perfect image of Spring that's for sure. But today I figured I could at least get a cute nail design from it, because its not going anywhere.

This post is really simple but also really fun! For the base I went with a polish from the magnetix collection, I just didn't use the magnet. Using my Instant Artist paints I painted in the clouds using platinum, the clouds were pretty much a bunch of overlapped dots, I have used a dotting tool for this but today I just free handed it. The umbrella was painted in grape, but I found it a little too dark so I added in the silver highlight. After everything was out lined I gave it all a coat of fast forward top coat and added the crystals. To make them look like rain drops falling from the clouds,  I added in the three little dots coming of each crystal and I added a few other random ones here and there to fill up the open spaces.
Polish: China Glaze Pull Me Close and Zoya Snowsicle

June 03, 2012

Day 186 - Mickey Mouse & Friends

I love blogging on days where I do not work, It's very rare but when I do get a day off I am so excited to devote that time to my blog. Today I decided to tackle one off my to do list, I love everything Disney and I have just been dying to do this design for a while now.

For this design I decided to have the characters on each nail but overlapping onto the surrounding nails. This was definitely a challenge but I am really glad  I did it, and I am even happier that everything lined up in the end, because at one point I really did not think it would.  I painted the different characters using a combo of acrylic craft paint and Instant artist paints. The orange blue and green were very specific so I had to custom mix each of these colors to get a good match. The rest of it was painted using the nail art paints. The polish I used was from the Zoya Matte Mod collection, I do not love this color on its own, but I think it really works in this design. Since the polish was matte my plan was to finish of the design with a matte top coat, this was a bit of a disaster as it made the entire design look dull and muddy. After a couple coats of Seche Vite it was revived to its original state and all was good again. The extra coats of top coat did provide some extra challenges when it came to taking the picture, I was so afraid the polish was going to shift while the nails were touching. But everything stayed in place for the most part, only the odd little dent here and there. The only real complaint I have about this design is that I have to remove it within 24 hours, that kinda makes me sabecause I love it!.

Polish: Zoya Mitzi

June 02, 2012

Day 185 - Diamond Jubilee

Today's post is for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  Today Queen Elizabeth celebrates 60 years as monarch, an event definitely worthy of a nail design.

This entire post was done using Orly Instant Artist paints. I was quite shocked how quickly I was able to paint this, but it sure did help that I knew exactly what I was doing on each nail before I started. I was inspired by the Google Doodle for the event, which had diamonds and the two corgis. The flag was an obvious choice, I love the Union Jack and I think it looks awesome painted on nails. And then for the other two fingers I went with the crown and the Queen's cypher. I think these nails turned out pretty awesome! I could not be happier with this design

Polish: China Glaze Salsa and Splish Splash

June 01, 2012

Day 184 - National Donut Day

I got home super late tonight and I contemplated just using an old design from my phone and calling it a night, but today is National Donut Day and I just could not resist painting a Homer Simpson  donut design to celebrate.

Since I was painting this design so late I really had no patience for custom mixing. Most of this design was painted using my Instant Artist paints, which for the most part the colors were bang on. The donut itself and the icing were the only colors that needed adjusting, to fix the colors, I went over the brown and pink part of the donut with some shimmery color club striping paints to make it a better match . For this design I painted the shape using the color first and then outlined after, there was the exception of the words and sprinkles which I painted the outline first and went over with the color, I find that a bit easier for finer detail. These nails are really fun and I am definitely glad I stayed up the extra hour to finish them.

Polish: China Glaze Custom Kicks