May 30, 2012

Day 182 - Silver in the Spring

Usually I never wear silver in the Spring. I find I use it so much over Winter holidays and then shortly after that they start launching all the pastel and bright colored polish collections, which I just can not get enough of. But today I decided to go with silver, over the last few days we have had way too much rain and I think all this gloomy grey weather has put me in a little bit of a funk, so I figured a bright cheery color just wouldn't do.

If you are going with a silver polish, this color is the best! It paints on perfectly even with one coat and it can be worn matte or shiny, but I think it's the bright foil look which I love! I went with a pretty simple design for this post. Using my Grape Instant Artist paint I free handed a six petal flower on a random spot on each nail. When the petals were dry I painted a couple silver flicks coming from the centre of each petal, which turned out great, the platinum striping paint ended up being a perfect match to the polish. To add some finishing detail, I added two rows of dots curving over the nail. I do a lot of dots on my designs, I just love my dotting tools and any time there is some extra space on a design I find little dots add a cute touch. To finish the design I used these crystals which I picked up at my supplier a while back and just forgot to use them. Now that I finally used them I am not sure why it took so long, they are awesome! and I think they worked out great with this design. It add the extra bit of fun they needed.
Polish: China Glaze Millenium

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