May 28, 2012

Day 180 - Bike To Work Week

Today is the first day of Bike To Work Week in Vancouver. I already have my bike out and plan to start tomorrow. So for today's nail design, I decided to paint the different parts of my bike.

My bike is a black Norco Cruiser but when the light  hits it you can see a royal blue glitter in the paint job. For this design I used this blue sparkle base because the color matched my bike and it was light enough you could still see the black bike parts. For this design I used three Orly Instant artist colors, jet black, crisp white and platinum. I think these nails turned out great, they look perfect next to my bike, which means I am officially good to go tomorrow. Now just cross my fingers that by some miracle we do not get the rain that we are expecting all week. 

Polish: China Glaze Blue Sparrow

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  1. This is cool, I love it. I still had the problem I mentioned coming from bloglovin...