May 26, 2012

Day 178 - Beach Towel

Today was such a beautiful day, I think we hit about 21 degrees and I was just loving it! Summer is definitely on the way. After a busy day at the salon, I decided to sit out on the patio, reading my book and soaking up the sun. After reading a couple chapters I felt a little guilty not doing anything productive, so I decided to pull out my polished and and paint my blog post. I was sitting on my favorite beach towel and that is where my inspiration came from.

The towel has a fade of blue, lime green and yellow with black and white palm trees and flowers. There are no stripes on the towel, but I was still kinda feeling yesterday's post so I decided to go with the stripes again. I painted a yellow line first followed by a slightly thicker green line, these were done using delta color craft paint and a striping brush. Next I painted the palm trees on the middle and ring fingers, I started with the trunk, then painted four rounded lines coming off for the branches. To add some detail I painted thin downward wisps coming off each line and added three little flicks coming off the top of the tree. The flowers were pretty basic, I went with the typical 5 petal daisy and just added the stamen, to make it look more Hawaiian. The black seemed to be a tiny bit dark, so I added some yellow to the flowers and green highlight to the tree. These nails are fun, but they make me wish I was at the actual beach rather than my brick patio.

Polisssh: China Glaze Splish Splash

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