May 22, 2012

Day 174 - Gemini

Every time I do one of these designs I am just amazed another month has flown by. But here we are now in Gemini, one of the signs I was dreading the most. I have shared in the past how much I hate painting people and for today's post I did not have to paint one person but instead twins. When I googled Gemini twins most of the pictures to pop up we attractive females but after reading up on wikipedia I decided to go with the twins Castor and Pollux from the Greek tale about the constellation. Gemini is a wind sign so I went with the color combo of silvers and blues,  I know wind does not actually have a color but I imagine if it did it would be some where in that color pallet.

I have already done five prior zodiac designs, so I kinda felt as though I was in auto pilot painting  this post. All of the designs are done the same, the printing across the middle of the fingers painted in a color that matches the element, then outlined in black then white. The pinkie has the symbol also done the same way. The thumb is the challenge, as mentioned before I went with the twins. For this nail I painted the characters first in the gold tone then added the color details, finishing it off with some outlining.

Polish: China Glaze Chords

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