May 17, 2012

Day 169 - Flip Flop Fantasy

What a beautiful day we had today! This last week has been so warm and sunny, flip flop season is definitely here. With all this wonderful weather I have been super booked with pedicures so today I popped into my supplier to restock a couple of my favorite pedi colors. This design is inspired by my all time favorite neon polish Flip Flop Fantasy (shown on the ring and pinkie finger)

For today's design I went with the flip flop theme, I wanted to paint two pairs on a beach but my nails are kinda short right now leaving me limited space to work with. To paint the flip flops I painted the entire nail using the base color (two fingers each) I then painted horizontal stripes over the color. To get the correct shape I used the sand color to round off the toe, finishing them off with some outlining and colored strap. I wasn't too sure what to paint on the thumb so I painted a shore using a variety of instant artist paints,  I decided to add in the beach ball to go with the white striped pattern I had on the other fingers.

Polish: China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and Four Leaf Clover


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