May 17, 2012

Day 168 - Flower Tips

When I was doing my post for today I realized I had miss scheduled my posts for the last two days, this one was for yesterday and the one before was for Tuesday which got completely missed. If you do check my blog everyday and noticed I would like to start by saying thank you! I post not knowing if anyone really cares to check on a daily basis but if you do I am sorry!

This design started with the colors, I knew I wanted this polish with a white and blue design. Earlier in the day I had painted something similar on a clients toes so I thought why not give it a go on my nails.  I started by painting the flowers in white using a striping brush rather than a dotting tool. Using the blue polish I painted the middle of each flower, I then added the little lines and dots on top. This seemed a little busy and since the blue polish was translucent I painted a second coat over top. I decided to finish the design with some blue and white polka dots to continue the design over the nails

Polish: China Glaze Electric Pineapple

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