May 14, 2012

Day 166 - Acid Wash

This design is a redo, for the last week people have been asking what I was thinking with my eroded polish design. Since it was not a hit at all I have decided to remove the original post and replace it with another design. I wanted to stick with the same technique I had used for the original post just with an outcome that was a little less grunge. So I decided to go with an acid washed jean effect instead, hope you like it better! Also I will add the picture of the first design to bottom of this post for reference.

This look is super easy to do! All I did was paint two coats of a dark blue polish. I waited for it to completely dry then painted a coat of the light blue over top making sure there was complete coverage ( especially over the cuticle area) once the second color was dry I used an old nail art brush and some polish remover to lift off the top color. Post tutorial people used a cotton swap but I liked the look of the brush strokes the brush gave. I used a semi firm rounded brush. to finish the design and make it a little more feminine I added some blue swarovski crystals. I must say this design is no where near as harsh as the first one but to be honest I didn't hate it to start with.

Polish: China Glaze Blue Years Eve and Kinetic Candy


  1. For the record, I like the first one better. I thing the result is awesome and you should put the post back up. :)

  2. Thanks!! I didn't think they were horrible, but I was told they look like an old scab :(