May 06, 2012

Day 158 - Hawaiian Print

Today was such a great sunny day, I just had to go for a design that was bright and cheery. Yesterday I had the day off and spent the day picking out a new beach cruiser bicycle so I felt inspired to do a beachy print.

I polished my nails with my new hot pink from the 2012 summer neons collection, it's definitely a fun color and I predict it will be popular in the months to come. For the design I started with the leaves, using a bright green acrylic craft paint and a long striping brush I painted one line diagonally across each nail and the painted individual leaves coming of it, with a darker green striping paint I outlined them for a little definition. The flowers were painted using instant artist paint in fiery red, hot orange and hot yellow. Usually I would never pair red and hot pink together but I think in this design it actually works.


  1. All of the gears are contained inside the rear hub, making shifting smooth and easyHermosa Beach.

    cruiser bicycle

  2. It's really "summer-y" and bright, very nice :)