May 05, 2012

Day 157 - Cinco De Mayo

I love holidays, it makes coming up with a design idea sooo much easier! These nails are super fun, I'm not sure if I could fit any more fiesta into one hand if I tried. When I think of Mexico the first thing that comes to my mind is the bright lively colors so I wanted to paint a design that was equally vibrant to the culture of Mexico.

I painted the tips of the nails in a nice bright red shade called Salsa which I thought was pretty fitting! After the French was done I painted an orange and green zig zag over the smile line. To make the colors really pop I added a thin line of white between each color. Next step was the square swirls, I painted them with a yellow striping paint, placing them randomly over the nails. For the rest of the design I painted each shape in the base color first than painted over top using the color for the centre and adding details at the end. I realized when I uploaded the picture my top coat dragged some of the nail art but other than that I love these nails because they kind of remind me of my Spanish text book, one of my favorite classes in high school. I'm lucky if I can speak 10 words of Spanish but had a great time trying!

polish: China Glaze Salsa

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