May 01, 2012

Day 153 - Silver Swirls and Spots

Today's post is pretty basic, I started with no ideas just the polish, I was in the mood for a awesome matte color and this purple color was perfect! I love the combo of high gloss with matte so I painted a wavy diagonal french in liquid leather a super high shiney black. Between the two lines I painted the silver swirls and little spots using my favorite Instant Artist Paint platinum. To finish the design I used Orly matte top coat over the bottom half and China Glaze Patent Leather top coat. The photo is not the best because my nails are in pretty rough shape, cracking on the sides so I had to angle it just right to hide the flaws. The problems of a nail blogger, all the polish remover can be a bit hard on the nails

Polish: Zoya Savita and China Glaze Liquid Leather

1 comment:

  1. A lovely result, I like the two color combo defined by the silver!