May 31, 2012

Day 183 - Prom Queen

With grad season quickly approaching, I wanted to do a design that I thought was good for prom. These nails have tons of sparkle and bling which make it perfect for the event. But also makes it very frustrating to photograph. I posted a couple pics in different lighting, I hope you but you get the idea of what I was going for. In real life these nails look great!

I started by painting the nails in a soft pearl pink, while the polish was still wet I dipped each finger into my opal glitter to give it some sparkle. Using a black striping paint I painted the black chevron french, I chose black because I think it looks quite elegant when worn with formal attire, also it seems to be very popular with the high school kids. Next I painted a silver criss cross pattern on the tips of the nails and added a  tiny pink sequin where the lines crossed. To finish the design I added a large round swarovzski crystal with a smaller almond shaped one beneath on the. The ring finger was special so it got the large 3D Crystal crown, another goody picked up at my local night market.

Polish: China Glaze Exceptionally Gifted

May 30, 2012

Day 182 - Silver in the Spring

Usually I never wear silver in the Spring. I find I use it so much over Winter holidays and then shortly after that they start launching all the pastel and bright colored polish collections, which I just can not get enough of. But today I decided to go with silver, over the last few days we have had way too much rain and I think all this gloomy grey weather has put me in a little bit of a funk, so I figured a bright cheery color just wouldn't do.

If you are going with a silver polish, this color is the best! It paints on perfectly even with one coat and it can be worn matte or shiny, but I think it's the bright foil look which I love! I went with a pretty simple design for this post. Using my Grape Instant Artist paint I free handed a six petal flower on a random spot on each nail. When the petals were dry I painted a couple silver flicks coming from the centre of each petal, which turned out great, the platinum striping paint ended up being a perfect match to the polish. To add some finishing detail, I added two rows of dots curving over the nail. I do a lot of dots on my designs, I just love my dotting tools and any time there is some extra space on a design I find little dots add a cute touch. To finish the design I used these crystals which I picked up at my supplier a while back and just forgot to use them. Now that I finally used them I am not sure why it took so long, they are awesome! and I think they worked out great with this design. It add the extra bit of fun they needed.
Polish: China Glaze Millenium

May 29, 2012

Day 181 - Strawberry Patch

Today's post was inspired by a cake I found on pinterest (I posted the pic at the bottom, there was no link to who made it so I can't give credit). In my nail art kit I had this strawberry 3D acrylic mold, which was perfect for this design so I decided to give it a go.

I just picked up the three pack of Zoya's Matte Mods and this green was one of the colors. I painted my nails and found that the color did not work at all with my skin tone, So when in doubt I say dip it in glitter, a little sparkle can make anything right! After the nails were nicely coated I went over them with a top coat to ensure I had a smooth surface to work with. I made the flowers and strawberries by filling in the mold with green, red and white acrylic. While I waited for the acrylic to harden, I painted the stems and leaves using my So Easy Stripe Rite paint. Next step was to glue on the flowers and strawberries, once they were securely attached, I added some final detail using my Instant Artist paints. I finished the design by adding some little green dots and gave it a final coat of Seche Vite top coat


Polish: Zoya Mitzi

May 28, 2012

Day 180 - Bike To Work Week

Today is the first day of Bike To Work Week in Vancouver. I already have my bike out and plan to start tomorrow. So for today's nail design, I decided to paint the different parts of my bike.

My bike is a black Norco Cruiser but when the light  hits it you can see a royal blue glitter in the paint job. For this design I used this blue sparkle base because the color matched my bike and it was light enough you could still see the black bike parts. For this design I used three Orly Instant artist colors, jet black, crisp white and platinum. I think these nails turned out great, they look perfect next to my bike, which means I am officially good to go tomorrow. Now just cross my fingers that by some miracle we do not get the rain that we are expecting all week. 

Polish: China Glaze Blue Sparrow

May 27, 2012

Day 179 - Cinderella

On the weekend I painted my toes with this blue polish and gave it coat of opal glitter to add some sparkle. The combo of the color and glitter reminded me of Cinderella, which I love because anything Disney makes me happy. So for  today's post I decided to get my inspiration from my feet and take my Cinderella nails to the next level.

This one is a little bit harder to explain, I really didn't know what I was doing so I painted everything in really soft colors, then slowly building up the colors as I went. You will notice this especially on the nails with the the glass slipper and the carriage, I think I must of outlines them about three or four different times to add hints of color and detail. Cinderella was definitely challenging, and it did not help that my nails are kinda short right now. I painted the clock in purple and silver and then added some swirly details around it. I was really feeling the purple so I decided to continue with the swirls on the middle and ring finger. To finish the design I painted in some shine marks ( I think that's what you call them) and some tiny little dots coming off them. Now looking at the picture, I think Cinderella could have turned out a little bit better, especially with more room. But other than than I love this design!

Polish: China Glaze Bahamian Escape and Snow Globe

May 26, 2012

Day 178 - Beach Towel

Today was such a beautiful day, I think we hit about 21 degrees and I was just loving it! Summer is definitely on the way. After a busy day at the salon, I decided to sit out on the patio, reading my book and soaking up the sun. After reading a couple chapters I felt a little guilty not doing anything productive, so I decided to pull out my polished and and paint my blog post. I was sitting on my favorite beach towel and that is where my inspiration came from.

The towel has a fade of blue, lime green and yellow with black and white palm trees and flowers. There are no stripes on the towel, but I was still kinda feeling yesterday's post so I decided to go with the stripes again. I painted a yellow line first followed by a slightly thicker green line, these were done using delta color craft paint and a striping brush. Next I painted the palm trees on the middle and ring fingers, I started with the trunk, then painted four rounded lines coming off for the branches. To add some detail I painted thin downward wisps coming off each line and added three little flicks coming off the top of the tree. The flowers were pretty basic, I went with the typical 5 petal daisy and just added the stamen, to make it look more Hawaiian. The black seemed to be a tiny bit dark, so I added some yellow to the flowers and green highlight to the tree. These nails are fun, but they make me wish I was at the actual beach rather than my brick patio.

Polisssh: China Glaze Splish Splash

May 25, 2012

Day 177 - Nautical

Tonight I spent another Friday evening at the local night market. I love going there, especially for all the nail goodies! Today's find was these adorable little steering wheels. I just couldn't wait to use them so I decided to do some nautical nails for today's post.

These nails were a little bit of a mess to start, I originally painted them all in a solid red which I quickly realised would not work. After attempting to remove all the red (there was a bit of staining on the cuticles) I gave the nails a coat of China Glaze First Mate which was a much better color and the name even fit with the design. Once the polish was dry I painted the red and white stripes over the three fingers and added red polka dots on the ring and thumb. On the thumb nail I painted the anchor in silver and gave it a black outline, I then had to add in the chain which was slightly challenging to get the placement right , but after a couple attempts I finally got it right. I proceeded to add chains to the three striped fingers which was much easier, it is a little tricky to get the perfect length, but other than that they lay down straight very easily. The last step was the steering wheel, this was attached with a little glue. I didn't want it too attached since it was only for the day, but if this was a more permanent design I would have added a little acrylic underneath to keep it nice and sturdy. Other than tiny bit of red at the cuticle line, I am really happy with these nails, I have not worn 3D in a little while so it is definitely a fun change.
Polish: China Glaze first Mate

May 24, 2012

Day 176 - Monsters

Every now and then I do a design where I just shake my head and laugh, today is definitely one of those days! I really am not sure where this idea came from, I was just digging through my drawer with all my 3D embellishments, when I came across some googly eyes in an unopened pack and I thought, these could be fun to play with. Next thing you know, I have a bunch of crazy monsters on my nails. But I am not going to lie I kinda love them, they bring a smile to my face every time I look at them.

These were done using a variety of nail polishes, Instant Artist paints and acrylic craft paints. Each monster was painted in the base color, kinda deciding the shape as I went. Next I gave them all mouths and added other details to give each monster its own personality. Once that was done I outlined everything and gave it a good coat of top Coat. Final step was the eyes, I waited for the top coat to dry and I attached each eye with a drop of nail glue. As silly as the eyes are, they are just too much fun! I know these will get used again in the future.

Polish: China Glaze Splish Splash

May 23, 2012

Day 175 - Cupcakes

Who does not love a good cupcake? I sure do! On the weekend I treated myself and hit up one of those little cupcake boutique shops, they had a booth at the local night market and I could not resist. Ever since I had the cupcake I have been thinking I sould get out my baking supplies and wip up a batch. Since today was another late work night I had to choose between baking or blogging and of course the blog won so this post is my compromise, I decided to put the cupcakes on my nails instead. Since bikini season is quickly coming  I guess in the end they are better on my nails then on my hips anyway, lol!

I started this design with this awesome purple base, definitely one of my favs this Spring. I then painted the cups, these were done using four different polishes mostly from the electropop collection with the exception of the green thats acolor from last year. Using my black and Instant Artist white striping paint I outlined them and added some polka dots. Next I painted the rest of the cupcake using a brown and cream paint. To finish off the icing I painted a coat of CG snow globe to look like sprinkles and painted in a flower that coordinated with the different cups. These nails are way too much fun and I can honestly say I will be sad to remove them tomorrow.

Polish: China Glaze Sweet Hook, Aquadellic, Electric Pineapple, Dance Baby and Electric Beat

May 22, 2012

Day 174 - Gemini

Every time I do one of these designs I am just amazed another month has flown by. But here we are now in Gemini, one of the signs I was dreading the most. I have shared in the past how much I hate painting people and for today's post I did not have to paint one person but instead twins. When I googled Gemini twins most of the pictures to pop up we attractive females but after reading up on wikipedia I decided to go with the twins Castor and Pollux from the Greek tale about the constellation. Gemini is a wind sign so I went with the color combo of silvers and blues,  I know wind does not actually have a color but I imagine if it did it would be some where in that color pallet.

I have already done five prior zodiac designs, so I kinda felt as though I was in auto pilot painting  this post. All of the designs are done the same, the printing across the middle of the fingers painted in a color that matches the element, then outlined in black then white. The pinkie has the symbol also done the same way. The thumb is the challenge, as mentioned before I went with the twins. For this nail I painted the characters first in the gold tone then added the color details, finishing it off with some outlining.

Polish: China Glaze Chords

May 21, 2012

Day 173 - Caviar Manicure

Lately I have seen the caviar manicure every where, it's been on magazine covers, all over the Internet and now I see Sephora is even carrying a DIY caviar manicure kit. So for today's post I thought I would give it a go myself.

The concept of these nails is really simple, but believe me they are a bit of work. All you do is paint two coats of polish and then sprinkle the beads over the nail and press them down using your finger. I found the beads were a little tricky to smooth out over the nail,  some spots had too many beads where other spots were missing some. But after messing around with it for a little while I got it all smoothed out.  I found the key is to work on one finger at a time and definitely wait awhile for it to dry. I think the look is pretty cute but not worth the headache. At first I was super excited to use the bullion beads which I have had in my drawer for years but I quickly remembered why I do not use these things, they are way too finicky.

May 20, 2012

Day 172 - Wild West French

Sticking with yesterdays theme, here is another cowboy inspired design. For today's post I went with a wild west design.

I started off with a brown french and believe it or not in my massive collection I do not have a single brown polish., so I went with a striping paint from color club. Next I painted the metallic rope along the french line, in the end most of it got covered but it still adds a hint of detail. The rest of the design was painted by first using the base color, then outlining with the black and adding in some color details. Just before I finished them off I had changed my mind on the middle finger, I found it a little too brown so I painted over the tip with copper. Overall I'm pretty happy with these nails, I love my metallic striping paints so any chance I get to use them I'm happy!

Polish: Color Club Mochalotta

May 19, 2012

Day 171 - Bandanas and Denim

For the long weekend one of the popular activities around town is the Cloverdale Rodeo, I have not been for years and I my weekend is already booked up with plans so I thought I would bring the rodeo to my blog. Today and tomorrow I will be doing cowboy themed nails.

For this design I went with the look of a denim shirt with a red paisley bandana. I actually painted this design completely backwards, I started with the bandanas, painting them with my jet black and crisp white instant artist paints in Orly Haute Red. I originally had the idea of doing it as a French, but after the bandanas were done I felt they looked a little odd so I decided last minute to paint in the rest. This was slightly challenging but I think it looks much better.

May 18, 2012

Day 170 - Crystal Dragon Flies

Today I wanted an wear easy design with tons of sparkle. Only problem with all the sparkle. I hate taking pictures of glitter and crystals. I find they usually show blurry in the posture.

For this design I started with a pink french, pressing loose aurora sparkle into the french polish before it dried. I decided to add in some grass to add some background. The Dragon flies are made of paint and crystals. I started by painting the body of each one pointing them in different directions. I then placed a black stone where the head would be, using the almond shapes stones I placed 4 crystals just beliw the head for the wings. I really like these nails in person, I just wish the pictured showed them off a little better.

May 17, 2012

Day 169 - Flip Flop Fantasy

What a beautiful day we had today! This last week has been so warm and sunny, flip flop season is definitely here. With all this wonderful weather I have been super booked with pedicures so today I popped into my supplier to restock a couple of my favorite pedi colors. This design is inspired by my all time favorite neon polish Flip Flop Fantasy (shown on the ring and pinkie finger)

For today's design I went with the flip flop theme, I wanted to paint two pairs on a beach but my nails are kinda short right now leaving me limited space to work with. To paint the flip flops I painted the entire nail using the base color (two fingers each) I then painted horizontal stripes over the color. To get the correct shape I used the sand color to round off the toe, finishing them off with some outlining and colored strap. I wasn't too sure what to paint on the thumb so I painted a shore using a variety of instant artist paints,  I decided to add in the beach ball to go with the white striped pattern I had on the other fingers.

Polish: China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and Four Leaf Clover

Day 168 - Flower Tips

When I was doing my post for today I realized I had miss scheduled my posts for the last two days, this one was for yesterday and the one before was for Tuesday which got completely missed. If you do check my blog everyday and noticed I would like to start by saying thank you! I post not knowing if anyone really cares to check on a daily basis but if you do I am sorry!

This design started with the colors, I knew I wanted this polish with a white and blue design. Earlier in the day I had painted something similar on a clients toes so I thought why not give it a go on my nails.  I started by painting the flowers in white using a striping brush rather than a dotting tool. Using the blue polish I painted the middle of each flower, I then added the little lines and dots on top. This seemed a little busy and since the blue polish was translucent I painted a second coat over top. I decided to finish the design with some blue and white polka dots to continue the design over the nails

Polish: China Glaze Electric Pineapple

May 16, 2012

Day 167 - Dandelion Puffs

Lately I have seen tons of wall murals on pinterest in this similar design and I though I should give it a try on my nails. When I was a child I loved it when the dandelions went to seed. I would always blow on them and make a wish, watching the seed puffs float off in the air

To paint the dandelion puffs I started with the stem then painting in outward flicks I painted the seed puff. To finish it off I painted a tiny dot on the tip of each line. I love how simple these nails are! I like the white against this soft blue color, such a good color combo.

May 14, 2012

Day 166 - Acid Wash

This design is a redo, for the last week people have been asking what I was thinking with my eroded polish design. Since it was not a hit at all I have decided to remove the original post and replace it with another design. I wanted to stick with the same technique I had used for the original post just with an outcome that was a little less grunge. So I decided to go with an acid washed jean effect instead, hope you like it better! Also I will add the picture of the first design to bottom of this post for reference.

This look is super easy to do! All I did was paint two coats of a dark blue polish. I waited for it to completely dry then painted a coat of the light blue over top making sure there was complete coverage ( especially over the cuticle area) once the second color was dry I used an old nail art brush and some polish remover to lift off the top color. Post tutorial people used a cotton swap but I liked the look of the brush strokes the brush gave. I used a semi firm rounded brush. to finish the design and make it a little more feminine I added some blue swarovski crystals. I must say this design is no where near as harsh as the first one but to be honest I didn't hate it to start with.

Polish: China Glaze Blue Years Eve and Kinetic Candy

May 13, 2012

Day 165 - Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day today! I had a very busy but great day spent with family. For today's post I really wanted to do a design for my Mum, she checks my blog every day and is such a huge supporter of my career and all my other crazy projects. I had planned to do a water slide decal of a picture of my Mum and me but it started to crack after I applied the top coat. I'm really disappointed that my original idea did not turn out but what can you do! I will post the photo of the failed thumb below the picture of the final design

The look I was going for these nails was a tattoo kind of look based on those heart Mom tattoos people have. I started with the ring finger painting the heart with the banner going across. On the surrounding ringers I painted a giant yellow rose (my Mum's favorite) for the flowers I painted the general shape in yellow then outlined it and added some white highlights. Next was the thumb, the decal as mentioned before was a complete flop so I decided to go with the words in the matching colors. In the end they didn't turn out as planned but my Mum liked them so that's all that matters!!

Polish: China Glaze Sea Spray

May 12, 2012

Day 164 - Int'l Nurses Day

Today's post is for International Nurses Day, a day recognizing all the contributions and commitments nurses make to society. This day was chosen as it is the anniversary of the birth of florence nightingale, it is also the last day of nurses week.

For this post I wanted to stick with a simple design and minimal but bold color. The three nail art paints I used were Instant Artist fiery red, jet black and crisp white. On this design I painted the outline first and then filled it in with the red and white paint. I really like these nails, not too sure why I like them so much but I do. I am not a nurse so I really do not have a reason to ever wear this design, but who knows there is always Halloween and a nurse costume is always cute.
Polish: China Glaze White on White

May 11, 2012

Day 163 - One Love

After so many years after his death, Bob Marley is still loved by so many people and generations across the world. For the anniversary of his death I just had to do these nails in tribute.

For the most part these nails were actually really easy. I will start by saying no I did not paint the ring finger...I wish I was that talented! But I'm not so instead I made a water slide decal, a technique I recently discovered and love. For the ring finger I sponged the three colors over the nail and applied the decal which was painted on clear decal paper. The black had printed off a little grainy so I went over with some black paint to make it look a little sharper. The other fingers were painted with a variety of striping paints by Orly and So Easy, I wanted to keep it random but all in the color scheme. I am just way too happy with how these nails turned out, it's always exciting when they look better on the nails then your head. Usually it's the other way around.

Polish: China Glaze Liquid Leather and Sunshine Pop

May 10, 2012

Day 162 - Tiffany & Co

I have wanted to do Tiffany nails for a while now and just never got around to it. Well today I was in a blue French kinda mood and the minute I painted my nails in this shade I knew I had to do Tiffany's.

This design is a combo of hand painted and embellishments. I started with the ring painting the charm and adding the chain to look like a Tiffany bracelet. The middle finger I was going for a diamond engagement ring look with one large stone surrounded by a row of little ones. I then did the thumb, for this finger I went with the classic Tiffany box with the white bow. Left with the two remaining fingers which I was not too sure what to do with. I started by painting white and silver along the smile line, this seemed a little plain so I added the silver studs. Now looking at the design I should have done a row of small studs to look like the silver bead bracelets (my favorite) but either way I think they turned out pretty cute.
Polish: China Glaze Aquadellic

May 09, 2012

Day 161 - Braided Color Block

This design idea was requested for me to do do I thought I would give it a try.

After choosing the 3 coordinating colors I started the braid. I first painted the silver line from the top corner going across the nail, then I painted the purple line crossing over to make an X. I painted the third line (black) running parralel to the silver line and then you just contunue on overlapping the colors. Once all the nail was completrly covered I I painted the white outline for a bolder look
Polish: Orly Instant Artist Jet Black, Platinum and Grape

May 08, 2012

Day 160 - Black Bird Fly

Today's design was inspired by a tattoo I saw on a girls arm this weekend, it was of birds flying from a birdcage.

This post is going to be super short because there is really not any steps to this design. All the birds and the birdcage were painted using my jet black instant artist paint. I wasn't sure what to do on the thumb so I painted the singing bird, still not sure if it works with design but that's ok! I think the rest of it turned out pretty cute. These nails remind me of my girlfriend, she's big in to bird prints right now so I dedicate this design to her, I know she will appreciate it.

Polish: OPI Skull and Glossbones

May 07, 2012

Day 159 - Butterfly Fade

Today I wanted to paint a cute Spring design so I went with butterflies on a sparkly nail.

I decided to go with the fade as a base for a softer look. To paint the fade I started with the soft blue polish applying it to the top 3/4 of the nail using a make-up sponge. I then sponged the green color over the tips fading it into the blue polish, to blend it all together I painted a coat of glitter polish over the entire nail. I painted the butterflies using three different shades of instant artist and the outline was done in black. For the details on the wings I painted a y in the middle of each one and added three pearl white dots. When I was taking the picture it was way too reflective so I decided to add a coat of matte top coat, which I actually think turned out Pretty cool with the sparkles.

May 06, 2012

Day 158 - Hawaiian Print

Today was such a great sunny day, I just had to go for a design that was bright and cheery. Yesterday I had the day off and spent the day picking out a new beach cruiser bicycle so I felt inspired to do a beachy print.

I polished my nails with my new hot pink from the 2012 summer neons collection, it's definitely a fun color and I predict it will be popular in the months to come. For the design I started with the leaves, using a bright green acrylic craft paint and a long striping brush I painted one line diagonally across each nail and the painted individual leaves coming of it, with a darker green striping paint I outlined them for a little definition. The flowers were painted using instant artist paint in fiery red, hot orange and hot yellow. Usually I would never pair red and hot pink together but I think in this design it actually works.

May 05, 2012

Day 157 - Cinco De Mayo

I love holidays, it makes coming up with a design idea sooo much easier! These nails are super fun, I'm not sure if I could fit any more fiesta into one hand if I tried. When I think of Mexico the first thing that comes to my mind is the bright lively colors so I wanted to paint a design that was equally vibrant to the culture of Mexico.

I painted the tips of the nails in a nice bright red shade called Salsa which I thought was pretty fitting! After the French was done I painted an orange and green zig zag over the smile line. To make the colors really pop I added a thin line of white between each color. Next step was the square swirls, I painted them with a yellow striping paint, placing them randomly over the nails. For the rest of the design I painted each shape in the base color first than painted over top using the color for the centre and adding details at the end. I realized when I uploaded the picture my top coat dragged some of the nail art but other than that I love these nails because they kind of remind me of my Spanish text book, one of my favorite classes in high school. I'm lucky if I can speak 10 words of Spanish but had a great time trying!

polish: China Glaze Salsa

May 04, 2012

Day 156 - May the fourth be with you!

Happy Star Wars day to all the fans out there! This design is dedicated to my brother, he loves the movies. Growing up there was countless Star Wars marathon movie nights, I was never really a fan I think it was because as a child there was a year where I had ongoing nightmares of being kidnapped by ewocks, it was pretty traumatic, lol!!

These nails were definitely a challenge, there is nothing I hate more than having to paint people, especially characters that are so well known. But I went with more of a cartoon look to make it a little bit easier. I decided to start by painting all the outlines of the characters with black, that way I could adjust the lines until I was happy with them. When everything looked good I colored it all in using a variety of acrylic and instant artist paints. I think everything turned out pretty good, my brother loved them so since I got his approval I'm happy!

Polish: China Glaze Attraction and Liquid Leather

May 03, 2012

Day 155 - Splish splash I was taking a bath

For today's post I was inspired by my new favorite color Splish Splash, it's from China Glaze's Summer Neon's collection. Every year I am so excited to see what new neon's they will be releasing and this year CG has truly out done themselves. I usually wear blue tones but this one has to be one of the best yet and with it's adorable name I just had to do a bubble bath mani.

After polishing the nails with two coats of color I used my white instant artist and painted in the tiles, I found the white was a little bright so I painted a third thin coat of polish over top to soften the lines. For the bubbles I used a plain white and a soft pearl color and painted them using a dotting tool I outlined them with a soft blue paint. Using my instant artist paints I painted the tap, soap and rubber ducky, then to finish the design I outlined everything using my thin black striping paint. I am really happy with these nails they make me smile!

The tap was running the wrong direction so I did a little editing to make it all line up

Polish: China Glaze Splish Splash

May 02, 2012

Day 154 - Cow Girl French

I had my girlfriend come in today again with an idea of her own, which was great because I love not having to come up with ideas once in awhile!

She wanted a cow print over French with a gold sparkle, super easy and really cute! I did her French using Gelish gel polish from nail harmony. This stuff is great, lasts about 3 weeks without a chip. Once the white French was fully cured I painted the spots for the cow print. Using instant artist paints I painted a thin black line along the smile line with a coat of gold glitter on top. For some reason I find the glittery instant artist brushes get a weird curve after a little while, so this did add some challenge to the design.
To finish it off we went with some gold studs for fun.

May 01, 2012

Day 153 - Silver Swirls and Spots

Today's post is pretty basic, I started with no ideas just the polish, I was in the mood for a awesome matte color and this purple color was perfect! I love the combo of high gloss with matte so I painted a wavy diagonal french in liquid leather a super high shiney black. Between the two lines I painted the silver swirls and little spots using my favorite Instant Artist Paint platinum. To finish the design I used Orly matte top coat over the bottom half and China Glaze Patent Leather top coat. The photo is not the best because my nails are in pretty rough shape, cracking on the sides so I had to angle it just right to hide the flaws. The problems of a nail blogger, all the polish remover can be a bit hard on the nails

Polish: Zoya Savita and China Glaze Liquid Leather