April 30, 2012

Day 152 - Kokopelli

I just love browsing through my pinterest app on my iPhone, I find I get so many great ideas from the things I find on there. But what I think is funny is that none of the pictures in my inspiration folder are of nails, instead of prints, fabrics, even cakes. The weirdest things will trigger an idea, today's post is of a print (which I did not write down where it was from) and as soon as I saw it I needed to paint it on my nails.

I have posted the picture of the print I was copying below the nails. For the background of the design I started of with a soft pastel turquoise painting the entire nail, once that was dry I sponged a darker teal over the top half of the nail. I finished the fade by sponging a matte black on the very tip, I used this color so it was not too dark behind the black nail art. The thumb I did all the same steps just layering the colors on top of each other covering the full nail. Using my white Striping paint I added in little dots for stars and painted in the moon. To add detail to the moon I start by painting little craters with my black paint, then to soften the lines I sponged a combo of the matte black, the base color, and a pearl striping paint on top. To finish the design I painted the tree on the pinky and the flute playing deity on the middle three fingers. In the picture Kokopelli is more upright, but since he is know for his hunched-back dancing pose I chose to paint the middle finger the way I though it should look.

Polish: Avon Jade, China Glaze Four Leaf Clover, Zoya Dovima / Mat 

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