April 29, 2012

Day 151 - Simple Aztec Print

Today I was in the mood for a simple bold print. I am not too sure if I even like this peticular design but I am just so in love these colors together I will look past it. Orange and turqoise tones seem to be the popular color combo this spring and I super happy about this. I think they look great together!!

I started with the light turqoise polish and painted the the main orange shape (the one that looks like steps) I had picked out the brown before hand for this design, I used it to fill in the area below the orange and outline the the top part. At first I was going to stick with just these three colors but I found it looked a little dark so I added in the cream boxes at the tip to brighten it up a little. I find when I do these designs I keep adding and adding sometimes it works sometimes it gets a little busy. My opinion is that I should have stopped here, butI didn't instead I painted two triangles on each nail in brown and filled them in with orange and cream. After that was done the sides seemed a little empty so I added the brown stripes on either side. This design was very easy the only challenge really was keeping the lines straight.

Polish: China Glaze Aquadelic