April 28, 2012

Day 150 - Blooming Flowers

I had a client come in today who wanted an assortment of flowers painted on her nails for mothers day. She even had specific flowers picked out, which was great not having to make the decisions.

I started with my green striping paint, painting upward strokes from the tip of the nail to make grass/stems for the background of my garden. The first flower I painted was the pansies, all I did for these was paint the basic shape of the flower using a dark purple paint, I then used a lighter purple and black for the highlight and shading, finishing it of with a little yellow in the middle. The gladiolus were the easiest I just painted dots over the stems in color's coordinating with the other flowers, I like them because they tie everything together. The red and blue flowered nails were completely made up, she just wanted those specific colors in a flower so I painted one in the basic daisy shape and the other with six pointed petals. Finally the daffodil, very similar to the design painted on day 123, just this time I only outlined the center part of the flower. I think they turned out pretty good, she loved them so that's all that matters. I just wish I was not in a rush, the picture is not as clear as I would have hoped but I did not have time to check before she left.

Polish: China Glaze Electric Beat

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