April 24, 2012

Day 146 - Taurus

I've been stuck the last couple days trying to come up with nail art ideas and I completely forgot that we are already in Taurus.

I just love doing these Zodiac nails! Again it's the same style as all the others just modified to suite the sign. For Taurus I went with metallic greys and browns because it is an Earth sign, also when you think of a bull automatically it seems more masculine. I had painted the bull in a brown paint but it just was not standing out enough, so I went in with a gold and a copper paint to add some highlights. The lettering and symbol were done the same as usual, just for the final outline I used a cream color instead of white so that it matched the horns, I also though the white would be far too bright compared to the rest of the design.

Polish: China Glaze Chords with a coat of White Caps

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