April 23, 2012

Day 145 - Water Color Mosaic

The look I was going for with this one was small tiles over the tips of the nail in a variety of blue tones. It kind of turned out like a kitchen back splash or bathroom tiles.

The Mosaic nails were pretty basic to do, a little time consuming but easy. All I did was paint three horizontal lines over the nail, In the first row I painted in the vertical lines to make tiny squares, I continued on the second then third line just painting the vertical lines between the ones above it so the squares alternated. for the color I just randomly started painting in the squares using six different blue striping paints. To give it that pretty opal color that blue tilesusually have, I very lightly painted a coat of glitter polish over the tips. To finish the design I added the silver sparkle and some crystals.

Polish: Kinetic Candy

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