April 21, 2012

Day 143 - Tropical Flowers

I just picked up some of the new neons from China Glaze and I am in love! These colors are amazing!! All I need to do is work on my tan and I will for sure be rocking these colors for the next few months.

For today's design I started off with the neon purple polish knowing that whatever I painted it had to be bright! I painted in all the flowers using hot yellow instant artist, I used the brush to free hand the petals rather than doing them with a dotting tool as I usually would. I think it made them look a little more tropical instead of like daisies. Since the yellow was not bright enough on its own I painted in the centers of the flowers with hot pink. I added the flicks off the sides of each flower and then added little yellow dots using an orange wood stick. To finish the design I added the rhinestones for a little sparkle.

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