April 19, 2012

Day 141 - Deliciously Fruity Fade

 I had no choice but to paint on top of playoff nails so I wanted to do an embelleshed design where I could camoflage the thickness of the nail. I find when you have acrylic nails with a gel top gloss they can look like chicklets if you apply an additional layer of polish. I went with the fruits because they are super fun for Spring or even Summer! Today was a rainy miserable day and I needed a pick me up.

I love these polymer clay canes, it is just crazy how they are made, I saw a video on youtube and was blown away. But luckily they are easily availablealready made because I would not have the patience. This design is really easy when done with polish. Usually if I was commited to this design I would have done an acryli fade an inlayed them under clear, but since the blog post is just for the day I pressed them into polish. For the base color I painted the nails in this soft purple, I then created the fade using hot pink and opal glitter. I love all the colors on these nails, it is just what I needed on this rainy Spring day.

Polish: China Glaze Sweet Hook

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