April 18, 2012

Day 140 - 3D Flowers

This is another unblogged nail design, this one was done a while ago and the picture quality is not great but  I'm still saving my playoff nails and it looks like I will definitely need them for the next few days!!! :)
I love 3D it makes me really happy! This was done using another one of my molds from 3D-Nail and making these flowers is super easy. I have acrylic nails so they hold up pretty good. I find it binds itself to the nail for a perfect seal.To make the flowers all you do is press some acrylic into the mold, wait until it is almost dry and press out any air bubbles. You then flip the mold over and press it onto the nail, the flower will adhere itself to the acrylic, for natural nails I pop it out and glue it on. The nail itself was done in a fade using acrylic mixed with Aurora glitters. To finish off the design I used a pearl striping paint to add some detail and add a little shimmer to the inside of the petals.

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