April 17, 2012

Day 139 - Feathery French

This was my first attempt at inlaying feathers into a nail and to be honest there is a very good chance I will never do it again. I have seen tons of different designs out there with feathers and I have no idea how they do it so perfectly, I am not sure if I was doing it right or not but it seemed that the feather wanted to lay flat and had difficulties curving to the nail. In the end they turned out alright but the stress level was not worth it. If anyone ready this has any tips it would be greatly appreciated.

For the polish I did a fade using three different polishes over the tip applied with a cosmetic sponge, while the polish was still wet I pressed the feathers into the tips and cut off the over hanging pieces. I was not really happy with the inconsistent line of the french so I painted In a design of black flicks and some turquoise dots to match the feathers.

Polish: China Glaze Liquid Leather, Custom Kicks and OPI Gone Gonzo

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