April 16, 2012

Day 138 - Zebra Print Tips

 I found this one while scrolling through me phone today, I painted it last week and never blogged it. Which was perfect because I believe that I will still get a lot of wear out of my playoff nails (because we ARE going to game 7) and I do not want to mess them up quite yet.

This one is pretty basic but super fun, it kinda reminds be of a bachelorette party for some reason, I don't know?/ All I did was paint the white tips usings instant art white for that really crisp color. I then painted in the zebra stripes which to me should have been a bit thicker (these look a little more tiger) I kept it pretty random alternating from stripes to to the odd V shape. Once the zebra print was done I painted a thin coat if glitter polish and covered the smile line with rows of black crystals.

Polish: OPI Gone Gonzo

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