April 15, 2012

Day 137 - Playoff Nails

With game 3 on tonight I wanted to do a nail design to show support for our boys. I find Vancouver has very fickle fans and after only two games lost it seems most of the people I talk to have already jumped off the band wagon.  I chose to put Luongo on there even though he is not playing tonight because he has been getting lots of hate lately and he is one of my favorite players.

This on is a bit of a combo design. I originally did the tips in blue acrylic but I decided last minute it was not the exact color I wanted so I painted a coat of Gelish on top. After the tips were done I painted a thin white line and a thick green line to match the socks. For the writing I painted the outline color first and then followed with the second color after it dried. Luongo and the Stanley Cup are waterslide decals I printed and cut out, they were done on clear paper so I wad to paint a a light base color so the detail popped. The Cup has silver instant artist and luongo has white gelish. to seal in the design I gave it a coat of clear gel. I am so happy with these nails and I hope they bring some luck tonight!


  1. I was going to flip my top if you painted that guy freehand! Although, you do have crazy mad skills so I guess I wouldn't be surprised. :)