April 14, 2012

Day 136 - Argyle Print

With the beautiful weather we had today it made me think that it's time to get out the clubs and adventure out on to a golf course pretty soon. I am not too sure when I will get the chance to get out there, so I decided why not do a golf inspired design  for today's nail art. These nails are inspired by the argyle print on my golf bag.

This one is easy to do if you have a super really hand or even better some thin tape to mask of the lines. I have neither, but painting it free hand I think it turned out all right, definitely not perfect. I started by painting the thick blue lines criss crossing over the nails, once that was dry I painted a thinner cream line between each blue line. To finish it off I went over the blue with a matching glitter paint and added small green rhinestones for a little sparkle. I think these turned out pretty cute and they definitely would look great next to my golf bag.

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