April 10, 2012

Day 132 - Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

I was doing some spring cleaning today and decided to go through my old nail art stuff, during my organizing I came across my crushed shells which I had not used in years. I think there was a time where I overused them and that's why they ended up in my drawer forgotten about. I find I go through phases when I get something new, I obsess over it for awhile then I get sick of it. But I'm glad I found them because they are quite cute.

Usually I would press the shells into wet acrylic when applying it to a client but since this design was just for the day I just pressed it into the polish. This actually turned out alright, I was worried the surface would be really rough but it wasn't too bad with two coats of top coat.  After I had applied the first coat of top coat I added the pearls and the shell I made out of acrylic with my 3D mold.

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