April 05, 2012

Day 127 - Eggs'tra Cute Mani

For todays post I wanted to do a fun simple Easter egg design, something that I would actually wear. Do not get me wrong I love doing all the crazy stuff but I prefer a cute simple patern most of the time, especially in in some bright colors.

 I decided to go with just the three colors alternating the pink and purple in the pattern. I started by painting the zig zag and the straight line, once that was dry I outlined it with the white striping paint. I then added in three ovals on the top and bottom of each nail in white, after that I filled it in with the appropriate color. I think these nails would look even better on someone who wears round or oval nails but either way I like them, I would even wear this months after Easter.

Polish: China Glaze Aquadelic

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