April 03, 2012

Day 125 - Chicken Or The Egg?

Today I painted my first official Easter design and I plan to be doing them for the rest of the week. I had the idea to paint the nails french  and make them look like a cracked egg with a chick peeking out. After I painted the ring finger I decided it would look weird to paint all the fingers the same so I did chicks and Easter eggs instead.

For this design I went with a white french on a shimmery base. I started by painting the chicks in yellow , once I had the basic shape I outlined them and drew in the details in black. I find when I am wanting finer lines it is easier to paint the designs outline first and then fill it in after, adjusting the lines as you go.  I did the same thing for the eggs each step started with the black, first I painted the shape of the egg and filled it in with blue, once that was dry I painted thick black stripes going across which I later filled in with either pink or yellow. I do not always paint my designs in this order but today it worked for me.

Polish: China Glaze Heavenly

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