April 30, 2012

Day 152 - Kokopelli

I just love browsing through my pinterest app on my iPhone, I find I get so many great ideas from the things I find on there. But what I think is funny is that none of the pictures in my inspiration folder are of nails, instead of prints, fabrics, even cakes. The weirdest things will trigger an idea, today's post is of a print (which I did not write down where it was from) and as soon as I saw it I needed to paint it on my nails.

I have posted the picture of the print I was copying below the nails. For the background of the design I started of with a soft pastel turquoise painting the entire nail, once that was dry I sponged a darker teal over the top half of the nail. I finished the fade by sponging a matte black on the very tip, I used this color so it was not too dark behind the black nail art. The thumb I did all the same steps just layering the colors on top of each other covering the full nail. Using my white Striping paint I added in little dots for stars and painted in the moon. To add detail to the moon I start by painting little craters with my black paint, then to soften the lines I sponged a combo of the matte black, the base color, and a pearl striping paint on top. To finish the design I painted the tree on the pinky and the flute playing deity on the middle three fingers. In the picture Kokopelli is more upright, but since he is know for his hunched-back dancing pose I chose to paint the middle finger the way I though it should look.

Polish: Avon Jade, China Glaze Four Leaf Clover, Zoya Dovima / Mat 

April 29, 2012

Day 151 - Simple Aztec Print

Today I was in the mood for a simple bold print. I am not too sure if I even like this peticular design but I am just so in love these colors together I will look past it. Orange and turqoise tones seem to be the popular color combo this spring and I super happy about this. I think they look great together!!

I started with the light turqoise polish and painted the the main orange shape (the one that looks like steps) I had picked out the brown before hand for this design, I used it to fill in the area below the orange and outline the the top part. At first I was going to stick with just these three colors but I found it looked a little dark so I added in the cream boxes at the tip to brighten it up a little. I find when I do these designs I keep adding and adding sometimes it works sometimes it gets a little busy. My opinion is that I should have stopped here, butI didn't instead I painted two triangles on each nail in brown and filled them in with orange and cream. After that was done the sides seemed a little empty so I added the brown stripes on either side. This design was very easy the only challenge really was keeping the lines straight.

Polish: China Glaze Aquadelic

April 28, 2012

Day 150 - Blooming Flowers

I had a client come in today who wanted an assortment of flowers painted on her nails for mothers day. She even had specific flowers picked out, which was great not having to make the decisions.

I started with my green striping paint, painting upward strokes from the tip of the nail to make grass/stems for the background of my garden. The first flower I painted was the pansies, all I did for these was paint the basic shape of the flower using a dark purple paint, I then used a lighter purple and black for the highlight and shading, finishing it of with a little yellow in the middle. The gladiolus were the easiest I just painted dots over the stems in color's coordinating with the other flowers, I like them because they tie everything together. The red and blue flowered nails were completely made up, she just wanted those specific colors in a flower so I painted one in the basic daisy shape and the other with six pointed petals. Finally the daffodil, very similar to the design painted on day 123, just this time I only outlined the center part of the flower. I think they turned out pretty good, she loved them so that's all that matters. I just wish I was not in a rush, the picture is not as clear as I would have hoped but I did not have time to check before she left.

Polish: China Glaze Electric Beat

April 27, 2012

Day 149 - All Shook Up

Tonight I am going to the play All Shook Up, It is just like Mamma Mia but with Elvis songs. I have been so excited all day thinking about it, when I was trying to come up with my design for today the only thing I could think of was the play. Which led to these Elvis nails.

I wanted to keep the design pretty simple, just using a limited amount of color. I painted most of the design using a black striping paint, then I went in and added the details using silver and white. I used my gold studs on the middle and ring finger, to make the other nails match I painted some gold detail on the background of the other three nails with old not be happier with how these nails turned out, I think everything came together nicely!

Polish: China Glaze Kinetic Candy

Day 148 - Retro Flowers

I was flipping through my new Nails Magazine today and came across the IBS Vegas ad and felt inspired. They had the word beauty in black filled with bright colored flowersin all different shapes and colors all with a retro feel.

For my design I went with daisies over a black french tip in colors matching the flowers on the ad. I painted the five petals using a med sized dotting tool, the center dot was painted using a larger size to cover the base of all the petals. I found it a little tricky to get the colors bright enough so I had to go over the dots a couple times to build up the color. If I were to do it again, I think I would have painted the flowers in white first so the colors really popped.

Polish: China Glaze Stone Cold

April 26, 2012

Day 147 - Spring Leopard

This one is coming in super late! It's 1:00am where I am, I did paint the nails earlier but technically this post is a day late. So sorry it's another leopard print, I know it's been done but it is the easiest design for me to paint on both hands. I am going out tomorrow and the one hand painted does not look so great.
To make it different from previous leopard print posts I went with all soft girlie colors for spring. I also decided to alternate base colors to make it a little more interesting, I used two tones that were quite similar one pink the other purple, both from the electropop collection. For the print I painted the outline of the spots first, using a darker purple striping paint. I then filled in the spots with a color similar to the opposite nails base, once that was dry I went in and touched up the outlines

Polish: China Glaze Sweet Hook and Dance Baby

April 24, 2012

Day 146 - Taurus

I've been stuck the last couple days trying to come up with nail art ideas and I completely forgot that we are already in Taurus.

I just love doing these Zodiac nails! Again it's the same style as all the others just modified to suite the sign. For Taurus I went with metallic greys and browns because it is an Earth sign, also when you think of a bull automatically it seems more masculine. I had painted the bull in a brown paint but it just was not standing out enough, so I went in with a gold and a copper paint to add some highlights. The lettering and symbol were done the same as usual, just for the final outline I used a cream color instead of white so that it matched the horns, I also though the white would be far too bright compared to the rest of the design.

Polish: China Glaze Chords with a coat of White Caps

April 23, 2012

Day 145 - Water Color Mosaic

The look I was going for with this one was small tiles over the tips of the nail in a variety of blue tones. It kind of turned out like a kitchen back splash or bathroom tiles.

The Mosaic nails were pretty basic to do, a little time consuming but easy. All I did was paint three horizontal lines over the nail, In the first row I painted in the vertical lines to make tiny squares, I continued on the second then third line just painting the vertical lines between the ones above it so the squares alternated. for the color I just randomly started painting in the squares using six different blue striping paints. To give it that pretty opal color that blue tilesusually have, I very lightly painted a coat of glitter polish over the tips. To finish the design I added the silver sparkle and some crystals.

Polish: Kinetic Candy

April 22, 2012

Day 144 - Happy Earth Day!

I wanted to do this design today to remind everyone to do there best to love our planet and treat it well! I believe I do a good job but I think everyone needs a little push every know and then. I am very good at recycling and I am also vegetarian, but today I felt inspired so I went to the local market and bought a bunch of plants, my goal this year is to grow an organic garden.

I painted this design a little backwards, first I painted the earth over the four fingers using a variety of blue and green striping paints. After that was complete I made a last minute decision that the Earth should be on a black background, to do this I had to go in with my black paint and fill in the unpainted area, total pain in the butt. But I'm glad I did, because this bluehas to be one of my favorites (from the 2012 neon collecction) and I think the black makes it pop that much more. I painted all the white outlines using a very thin brush, after waiting a few seconds for it to dry I painted in the lettering and symbols. I repeated this step using black paint for the rest of the detail. For theme nails I think they turned out pretty cute! And the great thing is, even though I had to cover up one of my hands for the hockey game my nails are at least still in the right colors (blue, white and green)

April 21, 2012

Day 143 - Tropical Flowers

I just picked up some of the new neons from China Glaze and I am in love! These colors are amazing!! All I need to do is work on my tan and I will for sure be rocking these colors for the next few months.

For today's design I started off with the neon purple polish knowing that whatever I painted it had to be bright! I painted in all the flowers using hot yellow instant artist, I used the brush to free hand the petals rather than doing them with a dotting tool as I usually would. I think it made them look a little more tropical instead of like daisies. Since the yellow was not bright enough on its own I painted in the centers of the flowers with hot pink. I added the flicks off the sides of each flower and then added little yellow dots using an orange wood stick. To finish the design I added the rhinestones for a little sparkle.

April 20, 2012

Day 142 - Pink Sequins

This one is sooo easy, very tedious but easy. I know I have not been posting very challenging designs, I promise once my taxes are done I will have my head back into it!

For this design all I did was paint the nails in a solid black polish. While the nails were wet I stuck on each little sequin, covering the nails as much as possible. It was a bit time consuming but I think it was worth it, they turned out pretty awesome. I like that when they are clustered together so closely it almost looks like hammered metal.

April 19, 2012

Day 141 - Deliciously Fruity Fade

 I had no choice but to paint on top of playoff nails so I wanted to do an embelleshed design where I could camoflage the thickness of the nail. I find when you have acrylic nails with a gel top gloss they can look like chicklets if you apply an additional layer of polish. I went with the fruits because they are super fun for Spring or even Summer! Today was a rainy miserable day and I needed a pick me up.

I love these polymer clay canes, it is just crazy how they are made, I saw a video on youtube and was blown away. But luckily they are easily availablealready made because I would not have the patience. This design is really easy when done with polish. Usually if I was commited to this design I would have done an acryli fade an inlayed them under clear, but since the blog post is just for the day I pressed them into polish. For the base color I painted the nails in this soft purple, I then created the fade using hot pink and opal glitter. I love all the colors on these nails, it is just what I needed on this rainy Spring day.

Polish: China Glaze Sweet Hook

April 18, 2012

Day 140 - 3D Flowers

This is another unblogged nail design, this one was done a while ago and the picture quality is not great but  I'm still saving my playoff nails and it looks like I will definitely need them for the next few days!!! :)
I love 3D it makes me really happy! This was done using another one of my molds from 3D-Nail and making these flowers is super easy. I have acrylic nails so they hold up pretty good. I find it binds itself to the nail for a perfect seal.To make the flowers all you do is press some acrylic into the mold, wait until it is almost dry and press out any air bubbles. You then flip the mold over and press it onto the nail, the flower will adhere itself to the acrylic, for natural nails I pop it out and glue it on. The nail itself was done in a fade using acrylic mixed with Aurora glitters. To finish off the design I used a pearl striping paint to add some detail and add a little shimmer to the inside of the petals.

April 17, 2012

Day 139 - Feathery French

This was my first attempt at inlaying feathers into a nail and to be honest there is a very good chance I will never do it again. I have seen tons of different designs out there with feathers and I have no idea how they do it so perfectly, I am not sure if I was doing it right or not but it seemed that the feather wanted to lay flat and had difficulties curving to the nail. In the end they turned out alright but the stress level was not worth it. If anyone ready this has any tips it would be greatly appreciated.

For the polish I did a fade using three different polishes over the tip applied with a cosmetic sponge, while the polish was still wet I pressed the feathers into the tips and cut off the over hanging pieces. I was not really happy with the inconsistent line of the french so I painted In a design of black flicks and some turquoise dots to match the feathers.

Polish: China Glaze Liquid Leather, Custom Kicks and OPI Gone Gonzo

April 16, 2012

Day 138 - Zebra Print Tips

 I found this one while scrolling through me phone today, I painted it last week and never blogged it. Which was perfect because I believe that I will still get a lot of wear out of my playoff nails (because we ARE going to game 7) and I do not want to mess them up quite yet.

This one is pretty basic but super fun, it kinda reminds be of a bachelorette party for some reason, I don't know?/ All I did was paint the white tips usings instant art white for that really crisp color. I then painted in the zebra stripes which to me should have been a bit thicker (these look a little more tiger) I kept it pretty random alternating from stripes to to the odd V shape. Once the zebra print was done I painted a thin coat if glitter polish and covered the smile line with rows of black crystals.

Polish: OPI Gone Gonzo

April 15, 2012

Day 137 - Playoff Nails

With game 3 on tonight I wanted to do a nail design to show support for our boys. I find Vancouver has very fickle fans and after only two games lost it seems most of the people I talk to have already jumped off the band wagon.  I chose to put Luongo on there even though he is not playing tonight because he has been getting lots of hate lately and he is one of my favorite players.

This on is a bit of a combo design. I originally did the tips in blue acrylic but I decided last minute it was not the exact color I wanted so I painted a coat of Gelish on top. After the tips were done I painted a thin white line and a thick green line to match the socks. For the writing I painted the outline color first and then followed with the second color after it dried. Luongo and the Stanley Cup are waterslide decals I printed and cut out, they were done on clear paper so I wad to paint a a light base color so the detail popped. The Cup has silver instant artist and luongo has white gelish. to seal in the design I gave it a coat of clear gel. I am so happy with these nails and I hope they bring some luck tonight!

April 14, 2012

Day 136 - Argyle Print

With the beautiful weather we had today it made me think that it's time to get out the clubs and adventure out on to a golf course pretty soon. I am not too sure when I will get the chance to get out there, so I decided why not do a golf inspired design  for today's nail art. These nails are inspired by the argyle print on my golf bag.

This one is easy to do if you have a super really hand or even better some thin tape to mask of the lines. I have neither, but painting it free hand I think it turned out all right, definitely not perfect. I started by painting the thick blue lines criss crossing over the nails, once that was dry I painted a thinner cream line between each blue line. To finish it off I went over the blue with a matching glitter paint and added small green rhinestones for a little sparkle. I think these turned out pretty cute and they definitely would look great next to my golf bag.

April 13, 2012

Day 135 - Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

Today's post was super Easy one, since The stone of April is diamonds, I could not resist doing this French, I love bling and the more sparkle the better!

When doing solid diamonds I always find a similar color polish so you cannot see the tiny gaps between stones. I used a silver with a fine white glitter on top, after that I just simply pressed the Swarovski crystals into the tip. The only thing I don't like about these is how difficult they were to take a picture of. I find the crystals impossible, either the reflection is too much giving them a blurry look or if you use French they just look silver, but either way you get the idea what I was going for

April 12, 2012

Day 134 - Matte Abstract

I know this one is not very spring like but I could not resist, I just love the matte polishes and I knew the black polish would look great with my silver nail art paint.

Abstract designs are always fun to do, I always start without any idea what I'm doing and keep adding and adding until I like it. I always do one pattern at a time, if its horizontal and vertical lines crossing I will paint it on each nail changing it a little each time. I then switch to another color and a new pattern continuing on until the design is complete.

Polish: Zoya Loredana

April 11, 2012

Day 133 - Dried Flowers

I mentioned yesterday that I was cleaning my old nail art supplies and came across some old favorites that I have not used in years, this is one of them. I loved the dried flowers when they came out and when I came across them I knew they would make an adorable spring design.

Usually I would do the dried flowers with a french or fade, but today I decided to do an all over color with some glitter pressed into the tips. I chose a color that matched the flowers to help them blend into the nails rather than have them floating. The flowers can be a little bit tricky, they are very fragile and the petals easily fall off. I find the best way to apply them is start by pressing them into either wet polish or acrylic, then I take a piece of plastic wrap and use it to press the flowers into the nail, this seals the flower into the design without any loose pieces sticking up.

April 10, 2012

Day 132 - Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

I was doing some spring cleaning today and decided to go through my old nail art stuff, during my organizing I came across my crushed shells which I had not used in years. I think there was a time where I overused them and that's why they ended up in my drawer forgotten about. I find I go through phases when I get something new, I obsess over it for awhile then I get sick of it. But I'm glad I found them because they are quite cute.

Usually I would press the shells into wet acrylic when applying it to a client but since this design was just for the day I just pressed it into the polish. This actually turned out alright, I was worried the surface would be really rough but it wasn't too bad with two coats of top coat.  After I had applied the first coat of top coat I added the pearls and the shell I made out of acrylic with my 3D mold.

April 09, 2012

Day 131 - Bugs Bunny

I had painted a couple different designs involving rabbits over the Easter weekend and when thinking about today's design I thought I definitely could not leave out my favorite rabbit of all Bugs Bunny.

I like painting these designs where it is one picture spread over the five fingers, it's fun and I love the challenge of making sure everything lines up. For this one I used acrylic craft paint and a variety of brushes, I painted the colors first so I could easily adjust the proportions to make it as accurate as possible. For the outline I used my instant artist black but for some reason my brush was a little thick today so I washed it off and thinned it out. I parted the hairs of the brush and cut out 2/3 of it, I'm not sure why I didn't think of this sooner but it makes outlining a million times easier. I am really happy with how these nails turned out, I think I may have to try a few more of the looney tunes characters in the near future

Polish: Avon Lagoon

April 08, 2012

Day 130 - Bunny Treats

Happy Easter everyone!! Hope you all had a great weekend with family and an excessive amount of chocolate! I sure did, I'm absolutely exhausted and it does not help that I'm coming off a major sugar high from mini eggs.

I must say I was in no mood to blog today but I did pull through and paint a new design, I decided to go full on Easter and paint an Easter Bunny with some holiday treats. Like the majority of my designs, most of this was done using Instant Artist paints, with the exception of the grass that is acrylic. I definitely struggled to get through this one and in the end I am not super excited about it but it is an Easter design so I will go with it. I'll try and post something a little less cheesy tomorrow :)

Polish: China Glaze Kinetic Candy

April 07, 2012

Day 129 - Sparkly Plaid and Daisies

For today's Easter design I went with a glittery plaid painted in soft Spring colors with a large daisy and over sized crystal.

Plaid is quite simple to paint, all it takes is a steady hand. I started by painting the blue lines on the pastel yellow tip painting two horizontal and two vertical. With the pink paint I painted a line between each of the blue ones, I then went back over randomly with the blue to give it an intertwined look. For the sparkle, I just pressed a loose opal glitter over the tip. I painted the daisy in the corner of each nail using the black striping paint, next I filled it in white and outlined it a second time with the blue paint from the plaid. The design was finished off with large pink swarovski crystals.

Polish: China Glaze Lemon Fizz

April 06, 2012

Day 128 - Easter Lilies

With a busy weekend of work and family gatherings I am going to keep this post short and sweet. For Good Friday I was not overly sure what to paint but after a couple different ideas I decided to paint a Cross and some Easter lilies

I started by painting the black outline of the entire design onto the blueish grey nails. Then using my Instant Artist paints I filled everything in and added the details.

Polish: China Glaze Sea Spray

April 05, 2012

Day 127 - Eggs'tra Cute Mani

For todays post I wanted to do a fun simple Easter egg design, something that I would actually wear. Do not get me wrong I love doing all the crazy stuff but I prefer a cute simple patern most of the time, especially in in some bright colors.

 I decided to go with just the three colors alternating the pink and purple in the pattern. I started by painting the zig zag and the straight line, once that was dry I outlined it with the white striping paint. I then added in three ovals on the top and bottom of each nail in white, after that I filled it in with the appropriate color. I think these nails would look even better on someone who wears round or oval nails but either way I like them, I would even wear this months after Easter.

Polish: China Glaze Aquadelic

April 04, 2012

Day 126 - Peekaboo Bunnies

I saw these cookies on pinterst (said they were from The Decorated Cookie) and I thought instantly about nails. I absolutely love the combo of light green and bright pink together, these were the colors of my wedding I love it so much, so I knew I had to do these nails

These are really simple to do, all I did was paint the shape of the bunny heads onto random sides of the nail. I then filled in the ears with a hot pink paint and then added the black eyes and outlined. These also looked cute without the outline (like the cookies) but I found the dark eyes with everything else being light bugged me a little.

Polish: China Glaze Electric Pineapple

April 03, 2012

Day 125 - Chicken Or The Egg?

Today I painted my first official Easter design and I plan to be doing them for the rest of the week. I had the idea to paint the nails french  and make them look like a cracked egg with a chick peeking out. After I painted the ring finger I decided it would look weird to paint all the fingers the same so I did chicks and Easter eggs instead.

For this design I went with a white french on a shimmery base. I started by painting the chicks in yellow , once I had the basic shape I outlined them and drew in the details in black. I find when I am wanting finer lines it is easier to paint the designs outline first and then fill it in after, adjusting the lines as you go.  I did the same thing for the eggs each step started with the black, first I painted the shape of the egg and filled it in with blue, once that was dry I painted thick black stripes going across which I later filled in with either pink or yellow. I do not always paint my designs in this order but today it worked for me.

Polish: China Glaze Heavenly

April 02, 2012

Day 124- World Autism Awareness Day

I wanted to do this design for World Autism Awareness Day. I painted the puzzle pieces on the tips which represents the diversity of people and families living with this disorder, the brightness of the pieces represents hope. On The ring finger I painted the logo for World Autism Awareness Day.

I was in a picking mood last night and before I knew it all my acrylics were off (I hope I'm not the only nail tech with this horrible habit) after I was done I was left with sad little red  nail beds, so I decided to paint some white tips I had in my kit. I started by drawing out all the puzzle pieces with my black paint and I filled them in randomly with the bright colors. All the paint used for this design was Orly Instant Artist. I used the dark blue paint on the tip for the ring finger, once that was dry I glued all the tips down and completed the rest of the logo.  I am really happy with how these turned out, I loved the bright colors and I am happy I got to do a design for such a great cause!
Polish: China Glaze White Cap

April 01, 2012

Day 123 - Daffodil Month

April is daffodil month where the Canadian Cancer Society will be selling daffodil pins for cancer awareness. I really wanted to do this design because almost everyone out there has lost at least one loved one to cancer including myself who lost both grandfathers

Since it is spring and Easter is just around the corner I wanted to paint this design so it could be worn seasonally as well rather than focusing it completely on Cancer Awareness. I started off by painting the grass over the blue nails using a variety of striping paints. The daffodils were painted using my yellow and orange instant artist paints and outlined in black to add some extra detail.

I hope you like this design and please make sure to pick up your daffodil pin this month!

Polish: China Glaze Kinetic Candy